Converge on Convergence

Freethoughtblogs and Skepchick are collaborating and conspiring together to promote science and skepticism at Convergence, in Bloomington, MN, on 5-8 July. You should go! The skeptic track at this con have been steadily growing over the years, and there will be lots of wild discussion and fun. FtB is new to the game (although several of us have attended in the past) but we’re making a big push to join in with SkepchickCon 2012 and make ourselves known here.

We’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes — one of the essential elements of participation is to put on a good party, and this year Freethoughtblogs has booked a party room right next to the Skepchick party room. In fact, we’re meeting this weekend to work out all the details. Those of you who’ve attended in the past know that Kammy Lyon has been the Skepchick hostess and organizer for their party, and this year Mary Myers (the “Trophy Wife”) is teaming up with her to be the hostess and organizer for the FtB party. You got that? Not only do you get a weekend of skepticism and science and weird science fiction and fantasy, but you get two big parties going the whole weekend long. You want to be there.

The Skepchicks also sponsor bringing in speakers to participate in the events, and they need a little help raising money for that. Join in if you can’t make it, and especially if you can.


  1. sockeyesalman says

    re: Convergence
    I thought I might attend. When I saw, however, the event is to promote “science fiction”, my interest fell off sharply. For me, that is a no go.

  2. Loqi says

    I’m torn here. On one hand, a FtB party sounds pretty cool. On the other, I’m not much of a sci-fi fan, and I’m terrible at parties. Descisions…

  3. Stevarious says

    and this year Mary Myers (the “Trophy Wife”) is teaming up with her to be the hostess and organizer for the FtB party.

    Impossible. I read in Conservapedia that the Trophy Wife is a secret theist, and they are the number one most reliable source of facts in the world. No way she’s helping organize stuff.

  4. frankb says

    Convergence is a regular event for my family, so we are traveling north on the fourth.

  5. Stardrake says

    Well, I’d BETTER be there–my lady and I are two heads of the 3-Headed Gaming Head. Come up to the 22nd Floor & check us out!

  6. celticwulf says

    You need to work on getting JT there too…there’s an entire party room dedicated to Karaoke so that should get him there. My family and I’ll be there again for sure, it’s a great time!