How long will we be up this time?

The site has been up and down all morning (you noticed?) — I’m just testing to see if the technical problems back at Server HQ are resolved and that the page is actually stable again.


  1. Reginald Selkirk says

    How long will we be up this time?

    If it’s more than four hours, consult a physician. You should have taken the red pill.

  2. azportsider says

    Well, you know, PZ, it’s about as atable as any other horde of unrequited and raving Pharynguloids.

  3. kreativekaos says

    ’10-4′ on that PZ.
    At first, I thought, (using that old break-line),”It’s not you…. it’s me. (But I guess it was you…. :)

  4. Naked Bunny with a Whip says

    Joe and Jimmy’s Cut Bait and Server Shack may not provide nine-9s uptime, but they’ll give you a cold Bud when you visit.

  5. stubby says

    The server just happens to go down on a day when the temps are near 60 in central Minnesota? I bet if I had driven through the Morris campus today I would have seen a shirtless PZ working on his tan.

  6. Matt Penfold says

    We had a powercut last Tues that lasted 9 1/2 hours that managed to damage my router.

    Have you any idea how hard it is to work out whether the reason I could load this site was because there was a problem with the server, or with my router ? Let’s just say there was a lot swearing involved!

  7. pHred says

    It was down long enough that I had to stand around for 6 (six!) fire alarms outside (where thank goodness it was not five degrees today) and could not friggen read the blogs while I was literally cooling my heels waiting to be let back into the building. What a lovely day for you guys to be down. Urgh

  8. Trebuchet says

    Just a thought: Have you site owners/admins (I’m thinking the owners are you and Ed, don’t know for sure) considered putting up an “Admin” blog, where you and your tech support can comment on issues like this, announce scheduled upgrades, etc? Comments can probably be locked on most such posts but do have an open thread where folks can leave comments, complaints, and especially suggestions.

  9. abb3w says

    I’d second Trebuchet’s suggestion for an administrivia blog.

    I’ll also note for long-term planning and comparison the page — a static html page, independently hosted, useful for announcements of unplanned outages, DDOS attacks, and general “yes, we know the website is borked and are trying to fix it”.