And the Thanksgiving Molly goes to…

The winners of the Molly award for November are:



Crip Dyke.

And now you get to leave nominations for the last Molly of 2011 in the comments below. Think back to that distant month of December — you know, Christmas and all that — in the long-ago year of 2011, and type in your recommendations for the most interesting commenters of that era.


  1. says

    What? How’d that happen?

    I thought I’d stopped being as regular a participant?

    Hmm. I should do less more often. That shall be my New Year’s Resolution. Do less.

    (at this point that could be a challenge.)

  2. chigau (私も) says

    Congratulations to Jafafahots and CripDyke!

    Jafafa Hots
    You are long overdue.

  3. David Marjanović says

    Anri is a good bandwagon to hop onto.

    (Hm. Nice zeugma. No physical impact intended.)

  4. Pteryxx says

    oh sweet, congratz Jafafahots and CripDyke! Much deserved. (and regularity’s overrated.)

  5. Sastra says

    Congrats to both Jafafahots and Crip Dyke!

    I will get in early and focus my nomination on

    consciousness razor

    Sharp and aware, always worth reading. Past due.

  6. says

    “and regularity’s overrated.”

    This is good news, as I’m irregular in just about every category.

    Anyway thank you to the Academy, and congratulations CripDyke!

  7. 'Tis Himself, OM. says

    Congratulations to Crip Dyke and Jafafa Hots!

    regularity’s overrated.

    It beats constipation.

    For December I nominate Irene Delse because she makes me think and laugh, often simultaneously.

  8. says

    I agree with Sastra that consciousness razor, who lives up to the nym, has been making mollyworthy comments for months now.

    And chrislawson is deserving in December, for this comment which stuck in my memory: “when you have a good study like this one, the only justifiable reason for rejecting its findings is …”.

  9. leeleeone says

    I like “molly’s” and all, but the Order of Molly is for only the month, right? Earning an OM in one’s moniker is by crowd-sourcing and hard work. However, does anyone have an idea for a OM of the year? And what would it be called? I bring this up only because I not only learn from the current OMs, but there are quite a few older OMs who really make great commentary as well as sticking around for the long haul. Anyone? I like OMDs, Order of Molly-Damn! for the year.

  10. leeleeone says

    Caine, thank you, but I guess my question was a tad bit rhetorical; I knew OM was for only 1 month of voted-on great commentary. It being New Year’s Day and all; i.e., the all being after the last of the 2 week’s worth of holiday wine, spirits and beer are now gone, I was just wondering if there would be an “OMD” of sorts. If not, meh, whatever. Just curious.

  11. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Jesus Christ, an OM is not for 1 month. It’s permanent.

    Ah, that explains the tattoo in Pulletese…

  12. says


    We voted on Molly of the Year last January…

    Yes, and that’s distinct from the regularly bestowed Mollies.

    It was LL1, I should have known better than to try any sort of explanation, let alone a simple one.

  13. Dr. Audley Z. Darkheart, liar and scoundrel says


    feralboy12 for December.

    Yes. I totally second the nom for feralboy12 for December. He never fails to make me laugh (oftentimes causing coffee (or other hot beverage) to shoot out my nose onto my phone).


    Jesus Christ, an OM is not for 1 month. It’s permanent.

    You’ll have to pry my OM out of my cold, dead hands.

    Jesus, now I kind of want to stick the OM back in my name just to fuck with LL1, but she’s so easily confused that there’s no sport in it.

    Jafafafafa Hots and Crip Dyke! Congrats! *confetti!*

  14. John Morales says

    Grats to both Jafafahots and Crip Dyke!

    This time, I can’t think of any particular people, but reading the current OmNoms I think Anri merits mine, too.

    (A commenter from whom I don’t anticipate disappointment)

  15. Azuma Hazuki says

    Has anteprepro been nominated/received a Molly yet? I found his takedown of Plantinga’s modal ontological argument in the recent thread impressive (though as someone who knows no modal logic, have to take his word for it…).

  16. 'Tis Himself, OM. says

    an OM is not for 1 month. It’s permanent.

    To paraphrase Lady Sybil Vimes, a dragon an OM isn’t just for Hogswatch.

  17. Mr. Fire says

    Jumping in to concur that consciousness razor is superb commenter and that they get my vote.

  18. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    How ironic!

    right after I get nominated I stop posting as regularly b/c I’m busy falling deeply, madly in love.

    …and not just w/ y’all. Seriously, this falling in love with someone out of the country seems to take more time than falling in love with someone next door: I spend literally more than 4 hours a night on the phone these days…which cuts into the time I have for Pharyngula. But let me be clear: I neither regret it, not consider the situation permanent. I shall be back!

    In the meantime, congrats to JafafaHots!!! This is the last of my free days before I have to finish lesson plans for next week and pick up my long distance lover for a last weekend of debauchery before the term begins. I promise to try to say something intelligent & worthwhile later in January.

  19. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden Molly Ivins says

    I had to think about if for a bit, but I like MouthyB for December Molly.