Raising money for SSA

I’m appearing on another of these blogtv thingies this weekend — Saturday at 10pm Central.

On Saturday 10 December, SkepticTV goes live for a whole 12 hours, to raise money for the Secular Student Alliance.

8pm European Central Time
7pm Greenwich Mean Time
2pm Eastern Standard Time (USA)
1pm Central
12 Noon Mountain Time
11am Pacific Standard Time
Sunday 5am Eastern Standard Time (Australia)

We’ll be joined by a great many guests including PZ Myers, the League of Reason, The Jinn and Tonic Show, Trolling With Logic (and special guests Damon Fowler and Joe Zamecki), as well as some of YouTube’s finest. There will even a sneak preview of Holy Hallucinations 29 by TheLivingDinosaur, but only if you help us raise a lot of money!

Where: http://www.blogtv.com/people/skeptictv

We also have an eBay auction, where items will be going up during the show. Please check our page regularly:

Our star lot is this pencil sketch of Charles Darwin, kindly donated by IncredibleMouse5:

Our FirstGiving page for donations within the US:

Donations from outside the US should go directly to the SSA:


  1. Brownian says

    YouTube’s finest? But I can see them for free anytime!


    [Joins Homer in laughing at Mr. Bergstrom for paying the suggested donation at the Springfield Museum of Natural History.]

  2. says

    In the still image above, the black cutout shape makes PZ look as if he’s wearing a dark hoodie or something, like Dr. Doom or the medieval Death character.

  3. thewhollynone says

    Will try to check in on Saturday, but at any rate I sent the kids a bit of cash. Thanks for being so generous with your time and talent.

  4. says

    For those wondering PZ Meyers will appear on our show on sunday at 04:00 GMT in the morning (saturday 23:00 EST). The current subject will be “15 questions evolutionists can’t answer”.

    Please keep an eye on http://www.skeptictv.net for the full schedule for the 12 hour show. This will go up later today (GMT).

    Permitting time we will be taking questions from listeners. You can submit questions beforehand via our contact form on our website. Or you could contact me directly via my website (click on my name) or via my YouTube channel CollinMaessen.

    I will be taking care of the broadcast itself on blogtv via the account skeptictv. If you notice any technical difficulties during our broadcast please contact one of the moderators in the chat, they will relay the issue to me (just to prevent that I will be flooded by PMs which could potentially screw up my client). Or you could contact me via cmaessen on skype.

    I hope you will enjoy our show, if willing/able help a bit with gathering funds for the SSA, and that our guest line up might persuade you to join in a bit longer. :)

  5. says

    Just a small request from those of us who don’t do video: Please remember that audio podcasts take up a LOT less room on mp3 devices, and your lovely faces are not as interesting as your words. Many fine presentations are available in audio, with the video content also available in a separate ‘cast, for those who have trouble listening without their eyes.

    -waiting for the audio,

    Charles, with earbuds in, near the Tijuana Crossing.

  6. says

    We have the schedule posted on our site:

    So you lovely folks can now see which sections you find the most interesting to watch (and potentially how much sleep you will loose).

    We are working on making the full recordings of our shows available via a podcast stream. But you can imagine progress has been a bit slow on this front with all the organizing we needed to do for the 12 hour show.

    But rest assured it will be announced on our blog when the recordings will be available.

  7. Rich Woods says

    There’s no way I’m getting up by 7pm on a Saturday. I deserve a longer lie-in than that.