Pharyngula sells out!

Welcome to the world of the bourgeouisie, people! The Pharyngula store (conveniently located in a tab at the top of this window) is now available to take your money and deliver into your hands cheesy QUALITY merchandise. Get a t-shirt! A stickypus! Or in a timely gesture to the War on Christmas, get your very own “Happy Monkey” holiday greeting cards!

(Rebecca Watson action figure not included)

Look how happy he is! You can simultaneously send a non-confrontational, cheerful card to your family and friends, and give the wingnuts apoplexy by going one step beyond “Happy Holidays” and “Seasons Greetings” in delivering non-Christian sentiment!

And wait! There’s more! And I don’t just mean more exclamation points, either! Get your buttons!


All are now available for order. Limited quantities will be available at Skepticon.


  1. says

    I’m confused. What was CIVIL about CHRIS in the first place? He came in like a mediocre asshole, presented himself like a mediocre asshole, and left like a flaming bathetic mediocre asshole.

    Why would CHRIS expect civility in the first place?

  2. says

    Every comment ever left here by Chris, the arrogant, obsessed, fucking bad programmer has been deleted. Any other attempt by him to comment here will meet the same fate. For those of you wondering why, now that there’s a void of a few hundred comments in this thread, it’s because he was an asshole: he indignantly insisted that he was a phenomenal programmer, based on his ability to write sloppy code and spam this site with song lyrics.

    What a jerk. Case closed: he’s incompetent.

  3. Anteprepro says

    And with Chris’s removal, the comment count goes down by 200. A true testament to his level of snippy assholery.

  4. chigau (む) says

    Can we return to making merchandise suggestions?
    I still want a dead porcupine lapel pin. or necklace.

  5. chigau (む) says

    I was picturing something small that we could all wear to secretly identify one another.
    We could also have a secret password and a secret handshake and …
    maybe I’ll just go get my tinfoill hat

  6. says

    What happened to “A Witness” and that YouTube video? It’s been a couple days and I’m still waiting for that evidence that PZ is a horrible liar and made this whole thing up.