1. Autumn says

    I really thought that this was what happened when biologists somehow coaxed liver cells into forming feet.

    It’s a liverwort!
    Color me gullible.

  2. Tethys says

    That is some amazing microphotography. Are the red spheres within the cells chloroplasts?

  3. Selina says

    Yes – those red dots are chloroplasts, all squeezed to the edges of the cell in the cytoplasm because of the large cell vacuole, and fluorescing red under UV light. Chlorophyll fluorescence using a UV spectrometer is a standard way to estimate chlorophyll content/concentration, and UV fluorescence microscopy is a good way to visualise chloroplasts.

  4. Tethys says

    Selina, thank you for the info.

    I was wondering if they were actually red, or if it was an effect of the photography. Ahhh, endless forms most beautiful.

  5. helenaconstantine says

    Liverwort nothing! That’s a liver fluke–the one true cause of all disease! Shoot it quick!

  6. Chuck Goecke says

    Liverworts are one of the first multicellular land plants. The haploid generation is the dominant one, like the mosses, and they lack vascular tissue, thus are relegated to creeping along the ground in moist places. They are the first of the amphibious plants.

  7. Zytrock says

    Selina, thanks for the information. I was thinking “That plant looks like origami!” :P