If only all priests could be so delicious

People keep sending me this comic.

NO, I would not find this religion appealing or look particularly kindly on this priest. In fact, its non-human status would only encourage me to put it out of its misery by stabbing it in the clerical collar with a spear, dismembering it, and simmering up a delicious meal of Pulpo a la Gallega.


  1. Gord O'Mitey says

    This is ridiculous! How can octopuses use seaweed to make a cross, & why does it have an arm for each tentacle? My lad Jebus had half his limbs dangling.

    And, he was heavier than the medium that he lived in, whereas the Jebus octopus would have neutral bouyancy, so the feckin’ cross wouldn’t work anyway.

  2. says

    I don’t think the priest or that cross are Christian, PZ. I think they’re both part of the Order Of Dagon.

    Now you’ve put me in the mood for sushi and some Lovecraft.

  3. docslacker says

    PZ, may I recommend grilled octopus or even better, octopus in a creamy black olive sauce. Mmmmmm…
    You’d have to travel to Peru, but I assure you it is well worth it.

  4. tuvalkin says

    Come on, PZ, some cultural sensitivity there, please? It is polvo à galega — keep that Castilian imperialism at bay!

  5. says

    PZ, I’ve been following your blog for some time now and you often make me laugh out loud. But this time it just went over the top. I am here in Santiago de Compostela, having some pulpo for lunch and reading your stuff on my iPad… when I suddenly reach the last line in the post and the unexpected mention! Phew, I almost choke on the cephalopod. ;-)

  6. says

    @tuvalkin: actually, it’s polbo á galega. polvo means “dust”, and there are no grave accents in Galician. Sorry to be so picky, but you asked for it. :-)

  7. docslacker says

    @CesarGon, how many people are reading this blog in Spain?!? I’m in Madrid. Maybe tuvalkin is getting mixed up with the Portuguese “polvo”.

  8. Platypus says

    So 4 tentacles are holding the book. What’s the priest doing with the other 4 tentacles in his lap?

    Any holy book you could tetra-fap to can’t be ALL bad…

  9. Tuválkin says

    Off topic, slightly tongue in cheek: Even über-españolista Manuel Fraga Iribarne knows (and said it several times, though mostly abroad) that Galician is spoken by more than 150 million people on five continents. I just hapened to use a Galician orthography which is not the one accepted by the Xunta, but the one I was taught at school.

  10. Gilles says

    If humans had wings God would have wings; if humans had three fingers God would have three fingers; if giraffes had a God he would have a long neck. I think that’s the meaning of this comic. In other words… humans created God.

  11. Dani says

    LOL, isn’t it incredible, here I am in Galicia too, an old visitor of PZ blog, and find this reference to one of our best dishes. How the hell did PZ know about it??

  12. says

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