Marching on Europe

During the week of 17 September, the National Secular Society is organizing a series of events (in collaboration with other European secular societies) in a Secular Europe Campaign. They will be protesting the privileged status of churches, the political meddling of the Vatican, and faith schools, in support of secularism and state neutrality on religion, along with equal rights for everyone, regardless of their faith. It’s a good cause, I hope many of you take the time to participate.

They’ve made some promotional videos. I’m in one.

But I’m the weird American. Listen to Andrew Copson, head of the British Humanist Association.

Or the guy you’ll really pay attention to, Richard Dawkins.

We Americans will be following along. Remember also that we have the Reason Rally on 24 March in Washington DC!


  1. Spiro Keat says

    FFS, that “back ground” music drowned out the voice.

    What moron produced these?

  2. 'Tis Himself, pour encourager les autres says

    The video with the priest was quite interesting. There’s no problem with goddists indulging their delusions among themselves. There’s a major problem with goddists using their delusions to dictate political and social attitudes for those of us who don’t share their delusions.

  3. MudPuddles says

    @ Tis himself, #3

    Agreed, I think the last sentence he spoke is very powerful, coming as it does from an Irish Catholic Priest. If only his superiors were more rational.

  4. Nemo No Name says

    While I fully support the cause of the campaign, this videos were not really carefully made. IF you look closely at the borders on the map in video, they still show both Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, rather than current situation. This kind of neglect might have a negative impact.

    Just thought you might want to warn the campaigners.

  5. Phil says

    Only in London? I’ll have to pass this on to the Skeptics Society in Galway, see if they’ve got anything planned.

  6. anchor says

    Spiro Keat #2: “FFS, that “back ground” music drowned out the voice. What moron produced these?”

    Exactly. Not just the volume level, it’s inspidity is so distracting that one can’t even commit what is said to memory.

    The idiotic, “Duh, I like the beat and can dance to it” mentality strikes again.

  7. Passerby says

    “The key thing about being a secular person is that you have eliminated a lot of the superstitious garbage from your life.”

    Can I get an Amen?


  8. Jake says

    PZ, you are just an overweight old man with a beard. You ain’t gonna impress young people.

    And that cartoon of you that looks like you are a flasher is funny.

    Funnier than you think.

  9. David Marjanović, OM says

    London? The most expensive place on the entire continent, except maybe for Moscow?

    Thanks, but… no, thanks.