Springtime for Sarah

There’s a Sarah Palin “documentary” out, called The Undefeated, and it’s a weird example of conservatives trying to create a new alternative reality again. First, she was defeated: notice that it isn’t Vice President Palin. Second, the professional reviewers are all panning the movie — it’s a hagiographic mess. But the crazies on the right must salvage the reputation of the movie, for great honor.

The tactic they’ve chosen is to claim that it has tremendous grass roots appeal and that audiences have been flocking to it. Right-wing bloggers have been shouting that “‘The Undefeated’ Roars to Big Opening Day…Theaters Sell Out From Atlanta to Orange County!”

Which is hilarious. It opened on ten (10!) screens, and they’re desperately comparing it to Transformers and Harry Potter, the two big blockbusters playing now.

I’m finding it wonderfully encouraging. If you really want a negligible flop in the world of popular media, make it about right-wing heroes like Ayn Rand or Sarah Palin. I wonder if the makers sold 25,000% of the profits to investors before it opened?