Men in skin-tight leotards

If you’ve ever read a comic book, you know the conventions: men must be immensely muscular, women must be full-breasted and wasp-waisted (and we’re not even talking Rob Liefeld here). Furthermore, the superhero costume for women must expose as much skin as possible: bare midriff almost always, low cut top, and the buttocks must be exposed. So in addition to an unnatural physique, the women must strut about in costumes that would look revealing in a strip club.

Megan Rosalarian Gedris is turning that all around. She’s redrawing comics featuring those slinky sexy women and putting the male characters in their costumes. It’s only fair, after all.


It takes a special kind of man to pull off this look, and clearly, your standard issue bulging bicep comic book superhero is not manly enough to do it.

(via Skepchick)