Sweetening the pot

Since my opposition is dragging in loads of riff-raff to try and raise money for Camp Quest, I’ve decided to bring in some firepower of my own. The beard is willing to make the great sacrifice if Team PZ wins this competition at the end of this month. Even better, at the request of my daughter Skatje, I will recreate the look of 1980s PZ:


In fact, since Skatje and I will both be at Convergence at the end of June, I will coerce her into helping me re-enact this very photo, and will post it to the web. It can’t be a perfect replica — I’ve grown a little wider, and she’s gotten a wee bit taller — but that’ll be part of the challenge. Also, she usually wears black, not pink, and I don’t think there’s any way I’d ever be able to talk her into a frilly pink dress, but at least she’s now got lots of pink inked onto her shoulder.


So donate. I expect the beard to destroy the competition (I think they are completely lacking in manly facial hair. How can you bear to support them?)