Why is the media so hateful to Ken Ham’s “museum”?

The man certainly has an ego. His new commercial features…Ken Ham himself. Speaking as a non-photogenic and not particularly heroically-voiced fellow myself, it’s a big mistake from a purely commercial perspective for creeeepy, neck-bearded, thin-voiced weirdos with a foreign accent to be doing ads, unless he goes for the wacky angle. And this one might just feed the Christian persecution complex by highlighting the way all the media thinks his little freakshow in Kentucky is dumb, but everyone else is simply going to have their impressions confirmed when good ol’ Kenny boy stands up to out-nasal even the standard American nasal voice.

Why is the media so hateful? Because his carny-act pretending to be a “museum” actually is a menace to scientific advancement, a cheesy pile of kitsch, and a haunted house putting on airs and trying to con people into thinking it is an educational institution. They aren’t being hateful, they’re being accurate.