It will not be important

Greg gets it completely wrong: my birthday is so trivial, even I forgot that it’s coming up. The most notable thing about it is that it’s the last day I have to give a lecture before spring break, and if I want to, I can just shut my mouth after 9am on Wednesday and not say anything for a whole week and a half. It’s going to feel so good. All I’m going to do is focus on this book thingamajig for a solid block of time (yes, there is significant progress: my editor has fixed a bunch of things and also bounced back into my lap a million other things for me to fix up. So we’re at the stage where all the organs and tissues are formed, but full functionality is going to require some further differentiation, including a lot of apoptosis.)

Also, I’ll be fooferty-leven æons old. I think I’d rather not dwell on it.