We are experiencing technical difficulties

As many people are reporting, the site is having a few problems, and you may occasionally experience errors when commenting or even trying to look at Pharyngula. I know the site banner also mysteriously disappeared a few weeks ago, and yeah, I also know about the el cheapo ads for psychics that sometimes appear in the sidebar.

Unfortunately, the landlord is currently unavailable even to us residents, and I don’t even know who to complain to anymore, and even if I did, we don’t seem to have the tech support we’d need to fix the problems. Bear with us. I’m kind of expecting that when the whole dang network collapses, somebody in management might notice and come around to hand out blankets and tarps so we can assemble a few rickety shelters to keep going a little longer.

I also haven’t been paid as contracted.

Seed has some special deal with a big corporate benefactor, though, so somebody might profit soon!