Can you OD on woo?

This is an experiment. Take care, readers, you might experience symptoms of distress and nausea if you actually watch this video.

Wow. “Quantum”. “Vibrational frequencies”. “Higher planes”. “Vibratory medicine”. Attractive young lady waving her hands over people. Did you know Melissa Hocking has a double degree in…Science? Really, it’s true — check out the Quantum BioEnergetics website if you don’t believe me. It’s got testimonials.

Many clients, adolescent, adult and child, have reported healings from Cancers, Mental illnesses, Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Physical injuries, a variety of Disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, ASD (Autism), and many other Serious Afflictions.

Notice that she doesn’t just cure serious afflictions — she cures Serious Afflictions, which are far more serious than the lower case kind.

Unfortunately, my audience tends to be a little bit skeptical of this sort of thing, so you may be feeling a little dissonance and dismay, and you may be disturbed about this kind of outrageous bunkum and the way it’s taking advantage of gullible, sick people. If you’re upset, here’s what I want you to do. Rest your hands lightly on your computer keyboard, and lean forward until your forehead just touches the screen. Wait there for a few minutes. I have waggled my fingers over my laptop while composing this blog entry, and the beneficent vibrations will be radiating out over the internet in the form of quantum soothing bubbles.

Do you feel a little better now?

Then send me money.