Those dirty, filthy Catholic practices

Standing in line to swap fluids and disease by swilling from the same cup was going to get someone in trouble, eventually — and now it’s happened. Catholics in New York have been exposed to hepatitis A through sharing Jesus’ blood.

All the practitioners have been asked to get tested and vaccinated right away.

There is no word on who broke the ugly news to Jesus, but you just know that guy is like a major vector for all kinds of nastiness, so he’s probably used to it by now.


  1. Elijahtruth says

    The catholic practice of sharing one cup, and even the priest taking His hand from mouth to mouth giving bread to each tongue and lips has also been a curiousity to me! “i” would refuse such!

    Yesterday “i” had the bald headed guy/Nerd with Red sideburns ask me for proof of an eternal deity! So “i” told him and Dhorvath “i” would return this day with proofs! Below are a few sites where science/and film makers have caught on film the Holy Spirits of God doing WHAT? Bringing souls into the lakes of Fire/Volcanoes! where the Holy spirits are on film entering and leaving Lakes of Fire/volcanoes! and films that are the same as each other, the Angels of God/Holy Spirits are always working around volcanoes putting the souls of those not of His book into the Lakes of Fire!

    Now here below is one very special to me, due to the HolyOnes showing up for me against some very bad people, and did so over mexico, when some bad men here and down there were not acting properly! Were these men some sort of atheist gang of cutthroats?? No they were the so called titians of religion here in America!

    For Biblical reference of what you are seeing on these films go to Exodus 13:21 AND THE LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, and by night in a pillar of Fire, to give them light: to go by day and night.. Exodus 8:22 to the end thou may know that I AM THE LORD IN THE MIDST OF THE EARTH! So as stated the Lord is being filmed around earth, and more often times than not coming into or leaving His Lakes of Fire/volcanoes! Bringing souls in and going out for more!

    As stated the Holyones showed up for me when “i” was in dire need of help when evil men, that all see as good were standing against “me” the smallone of God! John 1: 1-4 in Him was Life; and the Life was the Light/{{soul}} of MEN! WHAT you will see one film if you are of Adam and Eve unmarred Ezra 9:1-2 is spirits who are made up of the souls/energy/Light of mens souls,{{of Adam and Eve’s children}} and is what you are allowed to become, unless He must just burn you in the midst of the Earth! Here is the film of my Heroe’s/yours

    So Red Headed stranger/balding atheist there are some proofs/truths, for many other proofs and truths of Gods now soon coming in our Life time, go to on the about page and services page.. some of those bad men trying to stop me, are some of the same ones who have caused many people to become ATHEISTS! Much respect ElijahTruth