It’s easy to forget about DonorsChoose

Especially if you’ve got adblock in place, because the big banner on the left asking you to donate will disappear…but yes, we are still trying to raise money for science education, and if you’ve got a few dollars to spare, go to my challenge page and pick a project you like and help them out. One of the nice things about the way DonorsChoose is that you actually put your money in the hands of teachers who are doing work that you like.

Now I know, we’re all evil atheists here, and we’d never do something just because it was good and nice. If cutthroat competition is a better motivator to your mind, we’re also having a little contest with some of the other science blog networks, and we have a leaderboard for the science bloggers. Scienceblogs is ahead right now, but those nefarious rascals at Discover and Scientopia are breathing down our necks. Help us simultaneously crush the others and help school teachers!