Are we at all surprised?

I have to commend him on his honesty: William Dembski has come right out and plainly said that he believes in a ‘literal’ interpretation of the bible, and that his god actually created the earth in 6 days culminating in the conjuring into existence of Adam and Eve.

In writing The End of Christianity today, I would also underscore three points: (1) As a biblical inerrantist, I accept the full verbal inspiration of the Bible and the conventional authorship of the books of the Bible. Thus, in particular, I accept Mosaic authorship of Genesis (and of the Pentateuch) and reject the Documentary Hypothesis. (2) Even though I introduce in the book a distinction between kairos (God’s time) and chronos (the world’s time), the two are not mutually exclusive. In particular, I accept that the events described in Genesis 1- 11 happened in ordinary space-time, and thus that these chapters are as historical as the rest of the Pentateuch. (3) I believe that Adam and Eve were real people, that as the initial pair of humans they were the progenitors of the whole human race, that they were specially created by God, and thus that they were not the result of an evolutionary process from primate or hominid ancestors. (William A. Dembski)”

So, yes, he is an honest lunatic.

I wonder if he’ll be coming out with a mathy book dissecting the likelihood of that particular scenario?

Along these same lines, take a look at the program for this creationist conference, Vibrant Dance, which purports to bring together religion and science. It’s all church groups and old school creationists and gibbering nitwits like Dinesh D’Souza and, of course, the Discovery Institute gang, all wallowing in Jebusism.

Oh, and just for another non-surprise, look who else is represented in the program: BioLogos.