Mormons : California :: _________ : Minnesota

The answer to that little logic question is Catholics. We’ve got a little buzz going on in Minnesota to legalize gay marriage — one of our gubernatorial candidates is for it, for instance, while the other is against it (guess which party he’s from) — and already the Catholic Church is gearing up to oppose it.

The bishops of Minnesota are “alarmed” by continuing attacks on marriage, Bishop of Winona James Quinn has said. He reported that Catholics of his diocese will receive a DVD and a letter from him to remind Catholics of church teaching and to explain the dangers of the legal recognition of same-sex “marriage.”

“From the beginning, the church has taught that marriage is a lifetime relationship between one man and one woman,” the bishop wrote in his diocese’s newspaper The Courier. “It is a sacrament, instituted by Jesus Christ to provide the special graces that are needed to live according to God’s law and to give birth to the next generation.”

Please, please, any fair-minded, charitable Catholics who receive the bishop’s DVD of hate: rip it and upload it to youtube and let me know about it. If you don’t know how or are reluctant to out yourself, send it to me and I’ll do it. Or quite possibly the bishops are so proud of their message they’ll make it public. At any rate, we ought to expose the dishonesty of the fear mongers and liars.

Why is it that organized religion is so consistently on the wrong side of every issue of civil liberties and social justice that has come up in our time? You’d almost think they were always in favor of tyranny.