ICR surrenders in one battle

The Institute for Creation Research had been trying to get approval from the state of Texas to offer graduate degrees in science education — they failed. Now they have actually publicly admitted defeat, which is gratifying to see.

So we won’t be seeing a wave of teachers with master’s degrees in science ed and absolutely no science training emerging from the state. Instead, though, they’ll be offering this:

Replacing it, apparently, is the ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics, which offers a Master of Christian Education degree; Creation Research is one of four minors. The ICR explains, “Due to the nature of ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics — a predominantly religious education school — it is exempt from licensing by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Likewise, ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics is legally exempt from being required to be accredited by any secular or ecumenical or other type of accrediting association.”

This isn’t a problem. Their lunacy will be clearly and accurately labeled, and that’s all we should care about.