Conservapædia must have a stiffy for me

Just the other week, Conservapædia made their page on PZ Myers their featured article for the week; now they’ve made the Pharyngula blog a target of their cranky ire. Here’s their description:

Myers’ blog is also listed by the science journal Nature, which also embraces evolutionary pseudoscience, as the best blog by a scientist. Pharyngula is known for its sarcastic and often specious criticism of creation science and intelligent design theory,[3][4] as well as regular postings of photos of cephalopods (often with vulgarly sexual connotations both subtle and blatant).

Isn’t it charming that they lump Nature and a mere blog as similar? I do appreciate that they noticed “subtle and blatant” vulgar sexual connotations about cephalopods — I’m going to have to offend them even more in the future, thanks to their encouragement.

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