He’s talking about you

A couple of days ago, I showed you that video of a proud Catholic theocrat who believes that democracy is bad for us, and ought to be replaced with a benevolent dictatorship. Zeno has discovered that he noticed all the attention he was given, and his latest video is all about…us!

First, a correction: he didn’t really mean that he wanted a dictatorship…he wants the American republic replaced with a Catholic monarchy, instead. Huge difference, I’m sure.

But almost all of his “dialogue” (that’s what he calls this, a “dialogue” in quotes) is a whine about how rudely atheists, that is, us, treated his dream of overthrowing the government and putting the Catholic priesthood in charge of monitoring our public and private behavior. Why, instead of considering the plan seriously and perhaps suggesting a few diplomatic compromises, atheists went straight to profane derision! What is wrong with you people? Don’t you realize that mockery and rudeness and crude dismissal of his proposal is a very dickish thing to do?

I’m proud of you all.

One reader thought this frame from the video was particularly appropriate.