I know about the evil ads


We are currently suffering from a surfeit of cheesiness in the ad blocks being served up — the example to the right is just one of many horrors, including ads for $cientology, various Christian and creationist groups, and even some medical quackery. Although the “build an ideal woman” does appeal to the mad scientist in me, it’s really just a tease to get your name and various bits of information into one of those “win an ipad” scams. Don’t click on it!

Actually, don’t click on any of the despicable ads. You don’t need to; the ad space is sold on a per impression, not a per click, basis, so all you have to do is load Scienceblogs and you’ve earned us a bit of money. So just ignore them altogether.

Also, take some comfort in the fact that the bad ads are hilariously misplaced — this is not the audience for creationist hucksters. So all they are doing is transferring money from kooks and quacks to the pockets of people presenting the science that opposes them.