AVN gets spanked

The Australian Vaccination Network is an awful little organization that exists to spread fear and disinformation about vaccines, under the pretense of caring about children. They’re getting an official comeuppance, though: the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission has put together a report condemning AVN. They’re announcing that AVN’s claims are inaccurate and misleading, and further, that AVN harasses people. There’s a terrible story at that link of a couple whose child died miserably of whooping cough…and Meryl Dorey, head of AVN, responded by demanding medical records and insisting that the child couldn’t have died of a disease preventable by vaccination.

AVN is a couple of truly rotten people with an office. It’s a shame that the only punishment the HCCC report is doling out to them is a demand that they put a disclaimer on their web site.

An excellent report on ABC:

Oh, crap. This was the first time I’d heard Meryl Dorey — she’s an American! Australia, I have to forgive you for Ken Ham now. You gave us a moron who makes kids stupid; we gave you a moron who kills children. We got the better end of the exchange, sad to say.