A little survey

We have such a reputation for destroying polls that this survey may not survive contact with us, but give it a shot anyway. It’s asking what people know about other people’s religious beliefs.

1) Which of the following best classifies your beliefs?
Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hundu, Jainist, Buddhist, Scientologist, Polytheist, Deist, Atheist, Other

2) How many atheists do you know?
None, 1-5, 6-10, 11-20, More than 20

3) Please indicate which of the following concepts you think atheists believe:
Choices for each are: Believe, Don’t believe, Irrelevant, I don’t know
– God
– Demons
– Spiritualism
– Voodoo
– Ghosts
– Afterlife
– Heaven/Hell
– Reincarnation
– Destiny
– Science

4) Do atheists believe there is no god? (Yes/No)
5) Do you think atheists are spiritual? (Yes/No)
6) Do you think atheists value morality? (Yes/No)

It repeats with similar questions about Muslims and Christians. Try it…although I think atheists are about to be heavily overrepresented in the data set.