Autism-vaccination poll needs to be obliterated, please

This latest eruption of Wakefield’s infamy has prompted a poll on vaccinations. The anti-vaxers have made a feeble effort, and Orac has already sent his minions, but I think we can push the evidence-based position even higher.

You know what to do.

Do you think vaccines are related to autism?

Andrew Wakefield, who touched off an international controversy by claiming a possible link between the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and autism, has lost his medical license, but says he will continue to fight to prove his case. Do you think vaccines are related to autism?

Yes. So many more cases, so many more vaccinations – it can’t just be coincidence.

No. There is no scientific evidence the two things are related.

I’m not sure. There needs to be more research.