The predictable after-catastrophe story

There was a terrible plane crash in India — a plane overshot the runway and plummeted off a cliff to explode. 158 dead; 8 survived. You can guess where this is going: Koolikkunnu Krishnan, one of the survivors, chose to spit in the dead faces of all the casualties and sneer at their families.

“I’ve been thinking, ‘Why me? Why me?’ And I can only think that God wanted to give me a second life,” he said from his hospital bed in Mangalore.

Keep this in mind, please. If you’re ever in a tragic accident, and you survive while others are seriously harmed, don’t claim it’s because you’re special and a divine being thinks you are more special than the others. Because you aren’t, and because I’ll think you’re an insensitive moron if you do.

You know why some live and some die? Pure chance. It’s not an indicator of heavenly privilege or destiny.