What kind of relationship?

I want to hear the rest of this talk, because I’m wondering about that “building a relationship with your readers”.


I think “relationship” might be too sensitive a word for “throw out lots of bloody gobbets of freshly hacked up meat so the readers will tear them apart instead of you”. Ride the tiger, baby.


  1. phoenixwoman says

    “Building a relationship” = hanging around the comments section. Of course, this means you have to quit your day job, but hey. ;-)

  2. tdcourtney says

    Great, now I got ‘Holy Diver’ stuck in my head.

    I was wondering if that was intentional. Dio died this weekend. :(

  3. Mattir says

    How about just posting enough thought provoking stuff to attract interesting and intelligent people to make cogent comments and let those people worry about forming relationships with each other? That frees you up for the Trophy Wife and your College Educated Spawn. Not to mention the zebrafish.

  4. Sven DiMilo says

    Ride the tiger, baby.

    Ride the tiger and don’t look back when you’re wrong, with consequences.

  5. Sili, The Unknown Virgin says

    I’m wondering about that “building a relationship with your readers”.

    What part of all the comings-out did you miss?

  6. Louis says

    What kind of relationship?

    Based on the comments on various recent topics, I’m going to guess that “sexual, as long as you ask nicely in the appropriate environment, and bacon based” is going to be a common answer.

    I could be wrong.


  7. Mattir says

    I don’t necessarily think PZ was wrong to post the infamous BS post this weekend, but I also suspect that most of us, possibly including PZ, have learned a valuable lesson about the use of the internet in professional self-destruction. I was actually very interested in the trajectory of the BS thread’s discussion and found that my thinking about the treatment of sexual content in the workplace became more complex. I admit that it was a bit like watching a slow-motion car wreck, though – perhaps in the future PZ can invent case scenarios to provoke discussion without actually helping someone pour oil on the road…

    On another note, it was amusing to be told that I had no reason to be cautious about discussing the implications of evolutionary biology on human behavior because of the prevalence of radical human exceptionalists at exactly the same time that I was being accused, on the Daughters of Eve thread, of being a retrograde apologist for the misogyny of long-dead theists because I stated that some human parenting behaviors probably had a biological component. That lovely irony couldn’t have happened if PZ were not such a prolific blogger.

  8. daveau says

    Great, now I got ‘Holy Diver’ stuck in my head.

    You’re lucky. I’ve got Jefferson Starship stuck in mine.

  9. Frank b says

    “The Horde” Is that how you think of us? I’m shocked. Ok, now where is the next victim?

  10. Snoof says

    “The Horde” Is that how you think of us? I’m shocked.

    I know! It’s outrageous! We’re all _clearly_ Alliance.

    *runs for the hills*

  11. Anti_Theist-317 says

    I personally think the top bloggers in the world, a club which I personally am not in, should hold weekly give aways to us the adoring fans.

    Without us, the million or so monthly readers… Well, a million or so people would not read this blog a month. I do not have a math degree or anything like that – I just understand the facts.

    What is this weeks give away, PZ?


  12. Cerberus says

    You can see his stripes but you know he’s clean.
    Oh don’t you see what I mean.

    Yeah, ditto the others who went Dio at that reference. I’ve got my Dio playlist playing in the background tonight in tribute (this morning was all hiking through the blossoming trees).

  13. Cerberus says

    And does “build a relationship with the readers” sound dirty to anyone else? I think PZ is right to sort of press for more details before jumping in there. ;)

  14. Shplane says

    I believe the answer to your question is obvious.

    Now excuse me while I get the lube.

  15. bewarethelizards42 says

    Ah, a relationship in the sense that Christianity is apparently now a ‘relationship’ with Jesus? In other words it’s a bit vague and often unfulfilling? If that’s what you mean, then yes.. ;)

  16. https://me.yahoo.com/a/XAAhmGEVzYS_8iyvewgixmy0ugRjjDk4lA--#7bd37 says

    I note you did not include the alt text for that comic.

  17. Numad says

    “You’re lucky. I’ve got Jefferson Starship stuck in mine.”

    I got River Euphrates.

  18. TrineBM says

    I’ve got Dean Martin and ‘Mambo Italianoo’ stuck in my head!!! Corny indeed, but good.
    I don’t know about relationships and hordes. You’re all such nice, charming, funny, erudite and plain sweet folks, that I keep coming back. Is that PZs fault ???

  19. gillt says

    “throw out lots of bloody gobbets of freshly hacked up meat so the readers will tear them apart instead of you”

    This brings to mind “The Intersection” whenever they delve into science and religion.