Goodbye public health blog, hello public health blog

This is terrible news: one of the very best blogs on Scienceblogs, or anywhere, Effect Measure, is shutting down. It’s a sad day; it was one of the blogs I turned to every day, and especially on Sundays for the Freethinker Sermonette. Revere has made a personal decision to move on to other ventures, which is good for him but deprives me of some good writing.

He has passed the public health torch to another blog, The Pump Handle, which is good…and also cruel. He set the bar very high with good writing, humanity, and progressive values, and now this new blog on Sb will have to try to meet those high standards. Ouch. It’s good to have goals, but they should be reachable, you know.

I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye on The Pump Handle and hope they can fill the gap Revere has left here.


  1. SC OM says

    I’m very sad to see Effect Measure go, but they seem like a great choice. Added to my feeds.

  2. Nancy New says

    The Pump Handle’s been around a long time, just not on ScienceBlogs. I started reading it for David Michaels’ contributions; he, of course, has moved on to direct some of the huge challenges that face OSHA, which was (like so many regulatory agencies put in place to protect the public) deliberately and systematically gutted during the Bush administration.

  3. Sili, The Unknown Virgin says

    “him … He … He …”

    You mean “them, They, They” of course.

  4. Susan Silberstein says

    Effect Measure has also been one of my daily blogs; I learned so much about H1N1 from them. There is nothing much I can add to what you’ve written, PZ, except to say that I will also miss them.