1. Givesgoodemail says

    What a celebrity you are!

    Before long, it’ll be stretch limos, going to parties without wearing underwear, and putting papparazi under citizen’s arrest.

    Remember us.

  2. boygenius says

    All those atheists sitting around in a pub and not one of you ate that horrible baby that was shrieking in the background?

  3. Kel, OM says

    It’ll be good to hear it, since I left as soon as the Q&A was over. Hopefully this will be in my iTunes podcast list when I fire the program up.

    The Skeptic Zone is a great podcast, it’s one of those “must listen each week” for me along with SGU, Nature and For Good Reason.

  4. Sauceress says

    PZ just heard you..well soughta (was a bit at the time)…also Peter Singer and Richard Dawkins on ABC Radio National’s “All in the Mind” this afternoon. Will download and listen more attentively later. The bits I did manage listen to sounded great.
    (NB Audio is available on Saturdays after broadcast. Transcripts are available by Wednesday.)

    Now let’s see if I can get the href link right for anyone interested…
    A matter of mind-sets? Religion and science – Part 1 of 2

  5. weez says

    Was great to meet you at Canberra, PZ. However, I was profoundly disappointed that there were no protesting creos outside of King O’Malley’s for you to demolish with a single sentence and an eyeroll.

    However, if you do make good on your musings about a future book tour, kindly visit us in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. We affectionately know it as the ‘Woo Mountains.’ There’s a sufficient supply of crystal-wavers and creotards out here to keep any good skeppie amused for days.