Things to do when you’re godless

Bored and godless? Want something fun to do?

  • Visit the Phillipines! The Filipino Freethinkers are having a film festival on 27 February. It’ll be a whole day of classic atheist documentaries and comedy films.

  • Quick, catch a plane to Australia: the Adelaide Atheists are having a youtube party. This is a cool idea: show up at a bar with a laptop and a video projector, and browse through a series of youtube clips on atheism.

See? Lots to do!


  1. llewelly says

    It’s so wonderful to live in a world where matter transmission booths are as cheap and plentiful as phone booths were in the 1970s.

  2. Tigger_the_Wing says

    I don’t know; PZ turns up in Ireland after I left there to move to Adelaide, and Adelaide is having fun after I left there to move to Canberra. Oh, and I only read about the Melbourne visit with the words ‘Melbourne visit sold out’.

    Either something weird is happening in my wake or I’m just unlucky.

    Pah. ‘Just unlucky’ fits the evidence so far.

  3. WowbaggerOM says

    I had no idea such a creature – Adelaide Atheists – existed. I may just get myself along to that tomorrow night; give myself a bit of an idea of what it’s like to be around a gathering of atheists prior to the Convention.

  4. lesbianjesus says

    Anybody know of any freethinkers North of 60 (on the Canadian side)

    Cause I’m bored, but can’t fly that far.

  5. llewelly says

    Pah. ‘Just unlucky’ fits the evidence so far.

    It’s God’s way of punishing you for listening to atheists. He has also been trying the hurricane thing, but his aim has been terrible.

  6. lisainthesky says

    @WowbaggerOM – same here I have never heard of this group.

    I was thinking about going…

  7. WowbaggerOM says

    lisainthesky wrote:

    same here I have never heard of this group.

    I can only assume that one (or more) of them comes here from time to time – though I’ve never heard anyone mention it. There are a couple of SA Pharyngulites (apart from us) but if they’re involved they’ve never (to my knowledge) mentioned it.

    According to the website they’re having a meetup in the city on Monday March 1; I might go to that instead.

  8. another says

    And remember, you Christians, you’re godless too! You just don’t know it yet! So join in the fun!

  9. Zeno says

    You know, my aunt once went to the Philippines. She visited one of those psychic surgeons. True story! And, after he treated her, she didn’t have cancer!

    Our family doctor — a big, fat spoilsport — pointed out that she didn’t have cancer before her treatment either. That made my aunt mad, because one of her girlfriends (who knew a lot about herbs and stuff) had told her she had tumor symptoms. She went to the Philippines because the doctor refused to believe her.

  10. says

    I’ve done one of those YouTube parties, if only accidentally. Our band of Freethinkers were due to have a movie night, when our leader and gear-keeper got stuck at home due to excessive snow. We rigged something up and watched YouTube videos off a DVD I was (and still am) creating.

    HJ Hornbeck

  11. petria says

    Hi. I am one of the little known creatures referred to as an Adelaide Atheist. The Atheist Youtube Party was my idea. We threw one late last year and it was a hoot. Simple,cheap and fun for all the family. My youtube channel is linked in the original text by PZ. I have listed the playlist from the first party. If you have any other doozies that I may not have found yet then be sure to let me know. Cheers you mob!

  12. Sara says

    Be Careful Godless Ones…
    Soon you will require a creed. And then some kind of written outline of your positions on moral and political actions. You will probably end up using some forms of analogy and/or metaphors to demonstrate your position. That document will eventually become a book, so it can be accessible to all who might be interested.
    And then you will realize that gathering in bars is annoying because the “Godwith” people keep showing up and spouting stupid things. So you will start a donation pool and build a meeting hall. This will require the duties of a caretaker. And you will see the only logical and efficient way to hire a caretaker is to have him also do other tasks, like organize regular meetings and speak on appropriate evolutionary or skeptical issues.
    Eventually you will realize its too expensive for just your small group, so you will try to recruit others by explaining exactly why Atheism is the only logical way to think.
    After awhile someone on the finance committee will realize that if you register yourselves a religion you could save LOTS of money.
    So of course you do….
    And then…You have a religion without a god.
    I’m just saying….
    I has just seen this in my crystal ball…Or tarot cards…whichever.
    I think maybe the benadryl is kicking in. I seem to have lost my thread.

  13. protocoach says

    Run absurdist counter-protests against the Westboro Baptists! (Or at least that’s the plan for tomorrow.) Tonight? Signage! It’s important to alert the world to the dangers of velociraptors, God’s dislike for figs, and the potential for outbreaks of Zombieism.

  14. says

    Yep. The “City of Churches” has a new and very energetic atheist group.
    It’s nascent website is:

    Be gentle please, it was only born a few months ago, to proud but penurious parents.

  15. WowbaggerOM says

    Well, I can guarantee I will be coming along to an Adelaide Atheists gathering at some point in the near future – if not at the YouTube party then another event.

    Adelaide being Adelaide I’ll probably already know at least one person there…

  16. joreth says

    Who has time for all that when there are Twitter arguments with fans of Mercola to get into? Check out the wacky TorrieCrocker, who apparently is an atheist but who thinks Mercola knows a thing or two about health & won’t “worship” PZ by listening to anything he has to say that isn’t strictly about atheism.

    Plus, TorrieCrocker can use big words like “ignoramuses”, and is not impressed with a “filthy-mouthed wannabe” like PZ.

    Clearly, atheism does not automatically equal skeptic or rational thinker.

  17. Tania says

    Thanks for posting about the FF Filmfest! We’re trying to fill up the 800 seats, and this post is sure to be a great help. Me and my friends here in Manila love your blog.

    Zeno: That is so full of LOLz. My aunt tried to get me to go to a psychic healer in Batangas when I fractured a finger. Of course I politely refused, but I was half-afraid she was going to tie me up and bring me there forcibly.

  18. maxamillion says

    browse through a series of youtube clips on atheism.

    I think creationist videos would be more entertaining.

  19. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    I has just seen this in my crystal ball…Or tarot cards…whichever.

    Crystal balls? Tarot cards? Strictly for amateurs. There’s nothing like the entrails of a freshly killed chicken for seeing the future. The entrails of tonight’s supper says that your crystal ball needs to go to the shop for recalibration and your tarot deck is missing the four of cups and the seven of wands.

  20. Cuttlefish, OM says

    The mighty Pharyngulite horde,
    Of a weeknight, was terribly borde–
    So, connived some attractions
    And other distractions.
    (I’d have gone, but I could not afforde.)

  21. ButchKitties says

    CFI – Indy has had similar YouTube parties. Unfortunately, they are always scheduled for evenings when I have class. Stupid learning, getting in the way of my learning.

  22. blf says

    Crystal balls? Tarot cards? Strictly for amateurs. There’s nothing like the entrails of a freshly killed chicken for seeing the future.

    My preferred method of seeing the future is to go there and take a few Polariods. Unfortunately, police boxes, Polariod cameras, and Pan Am flight jackets are sufficiently rare, even in the near future, that you tend to become a curiosity, which can spoil the research. Not to mention the problem of landing the fecking thing when half the planet’s underwater.