You won’t be left out, Southern California

In addition to my grueling tour of more northerly parts of the state, I’ll be speaking in Orange County on 8 May. To warm you all up for that, I’ve got an interview with Carrie Poppy in the Examiner.

And if that’s not enough for you, I’ll be on KPFK 90.7 FM out of Los Angeles at 10:20 California time this morning. See, I love you too.


  1. Carlie says

    Fantastic interview! I like the idea of interview by instant message – you get the flow of conversation, but everything you say is typed by you so there’s less chance of it being misinterpreted on the way to print.

  2. formosus says

    You were in the Springs? How did I miss this? And then onto my home County? I seem to miss you at every turn.

  3. JackC says

    Did you really say “Only two stoplights in the entire country!” – or did the typist stick in an additional “r”? ;-)


  4. Randomfactor says

    Bless you, sir. I was steeling myself for a long drive, but I can wait till May.

    Unless you’d care to stir up the hornet’s nest that is Bakersfield, California?

  5. formosus says

    Ah, you were in Springs via the System of Tubes. I really should read articles before commenting.

    Enjoy OC, although it’s like the inverse of Austin. OC is the little Republican stronghold in the Democratic state of California.

  6. Natasha Yar-Routh says

    formosus, never been to Kern County have you. I general we’re every bit as Republican as OC just no so noisy about it. Still their are weirdos like me scattered across the central valley.

    So PZ you’re going to be on the Michael Slate show today? He’s an atheist but also a revolutionary communist and a good interviewer. I look forward to what should be a interesting show.

  7. Lily says

    You should come to New York. To be more specific, you should come to Brooklyn. To be even more specific, you should see if you can get the Secret Science Club to host you as a speaker.

  8. Dahan says

    You’re going to Orange? Oh my! I make it out there every couple years to visit relatives. It’s one of the most conservative areas in the nation. Depressingly so.

    Well, at least it’ll be warmer.

  9. Randomfactor says

    formosus, never been to Kern County have you.

    Natasha, you *DO* know about this event, yes?

    Cal State Bakersfield Free Thinking Society Presents William Lobdell

    Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America—and Found Unexpected Peace

    Thursday, January 14, 7:00 PM
    CSUB Student Union

  10. Lynna, OM says

    Excellent closing statement on the radio interview, PZ. The idea that what the creationists are looking for is not equality, but privilege, special privilege — that was great.

  11. aratina cage says

    Great ending! “Equality” is a buzzword for IDers and creationists when what they really want is special privileges.

  12. Natasha Yar-Routh says

    Randomfactor actually no I didn’t no about it. It doesn’t surprise me though, after all even the O.C. is hosting PZ. Still Kern is heavily skewed Republican as far as voting is concerned. Hell we even had a old fashion witch hunt back in the 1980’s. Still there are obviously a fair number of us trying to move things in a rational direction.

    Just finished listing to the interview, very nice. The thing that struck me most was how very soft spoken PZ is.

  13. Randomfactor says

    Hell we even had a old fashion witch hunt back in the 1980’s.

    And that DA is still with us today.

    Still there are obviously a fair number of us trying to move things in a rational direction.

    Two *COMPETING* freethinker groups *AND* an AU chapter, forsooth!

  14. pierres says

    If you missed the hilarious Seattle Creation Conference last October, good news! They’ve put their lectures online as free videos.

    I had the dubious pleasure of attending the “How Big Is God” lecture and wrote about it in my blog. Unfortunately, I didn’t attend the “Ica Stones of Peru” lecture but now everyone has the opportunity.

    Also, don’t miss the end of Steve Austin’s black comedy about “Catastrophic Plate Tectonics”.

    I think there’s also a lecture that heavily borrows from the recent “Signature in the Cell” book but I’m not sure.



  15. HumboldtBlue says

    Professor Meyers, while I am elated you will be visiting our extremely screwed-up state I must correct your geography. I read your itinerary and I see you’ll be hitting the Bay Area. That, sir, is not Northern California, that’s central California, the top of the valley if you will.

    Now, Northern California is up thisaway, 275 miles north of San Fran, a place where the whales are our companions, the Aleutian goose makes his home and where the Roosevelt Elk reigns supreme. I even sent you a picture of a poor, dead squid (a monster of a squid at that!) that had washed up on our local beach.

    So, dear Professor, to save you any embarrassment, you will be visiting the central and southern parts of the state while snubbing those of us here in the north. We’ll forgive, but we shall never forget!

  16. Carrie Poppy says

    Best of luck up North, PZ! But luck as in an acknowledged pattern, not as in an external force.

    Fuck it, atheism screws up all your salutations.

  17. Chris Clarke says

    Northern California is everything north of the Tehachapis.

    We’ll have to get coffee or something when you drop behind the Orange Curtain, PZ.

  18. Azkyroth says

    Speaking of the northern tour, are details for the Sacramento City College visit available? I can’t find it in their event calendar (unless they’ve added it in the last day or so).

    …still not there.

  19. Susan Silberstein says

    Costa Mesa, a hotbed of devious Orange County… shopping. It will be a pleasure to bypass the expensive money pits to hear reasonable people speak. I notice you are scheduled for two sessions. Will the second one be a life-sized cardboard image and a tape recorder or do you have multiple things to talk about?