1. kalibhakta says

    beautiful! thank you.

    I had a friend from S. Africa who told me about a time she and some friends were staying in a lodge in Kenya. they turned off the lights to go to sleep and it was darker than dark and very quiet, they were miles from anywhere, but… they heard breathing. coming from somewhere in their room. they turned on the lights, looked around–nothing, no animal crouched under the bed or anything.

    turned the lights back off–breathing. soft, but definitely something was breathing, and it was in their room. they turned the lights back on, searched some more, and finally saw the very large spider perched on a rafter. apparently those book lungs can move some air.

  2. Brownian, OM says

    It’s hard to get perspective at those magnifications. What were those mushroom-shaped projections on the surfaces?

  3. LordJiro says

    I started singing the Spider-Man theme song to myself, but replacing ‘Spider-Man’ with ‘Spider-Lungs’. Didn’t get past the first line, though.

    I think I may be a nerd.

  4. Pareidolius says

    Spider Lungs!
    Spider lungs!

    They’re much tinier
    than Kim Il Sung’s!

    Shaped like books
    on a shelf

    Not enough air
    to save an Elf

    Look out!
    You stepped on Spider Lungs!

    I should never have tried that, where’s Cuttlefish?

  5. eddie says

    What’s not so widely known is that spiders share their collections of book lungs; taking a breath and then returning them to the collection so that others can enjoy them. They keep these collections in FLYbraries.