The Discovery Institute hates science

There’s no getting around it. I often hear creationists protest “Oh, we love science!”, but then the weird process they describe after that looks nothing like science, and resembles something more like church with lab coats. At least Michael Egnor of the Discovery Institute doesn’t hide his loathing in a rant that has to be read to be believed. Prompted by the hacking of an email server that revealed that climate scientists tend to be rude and crude in their private communications (a fact that does not diminish the science of climate change at all), Egnor goes on a tear, cussing out climatologists and us wicked Darwinists, declaring “war”, demanding a purge, accusing all the various prestigious academies of science of committing fraud, suggesting that science be defunded, and comparing scientists to Mafia dons.

Don’t hold back, Michael. The crazy thoughts will make your cranium explode if you try to bottle them up.

You needed your dose of Sunday morning irony, didn’t you? The sight of a deranged shill for a right-wing propaganda organ complaining about institutionalized biases, and crying out against bad science while supporting creationism, ought to give you your full weekly dosage.