Charlene Werner wants to go hide

You all laughed at this video of Charlene Werner explaining the physics of homeopathy.

But did you know that videos like this, where kooks are caught in the act, are endangered? It turns out that kooks don’t like it when their words are made public, especially when those words are so loony that they invite universal derision. The person who put that video on youtube has been sent an odd letter:

Dr Charlene Werner

I thought you would like to know that you will be contacted by Dr Werner’s Attorney shortly regarding her video. The posting of this video is in violation of copyright laws. We are aware that you have had this video up since March of ’08 however I suggest you delete it immediately.

Jayson Patrick

(This was sent to XanSimpson, not Charlene Werner, so the salutation is a bit confusing.)

Anyway, XanSimpson wants to know what to do. As is common practice in these cases, the answer is obvious: everyone who can should make a copy of the video. More people should link to it. Spread the word and share the information — let her threat of a takedown lead to greater dissemination of her words.

Welcome to the internet, Charlene.