…and those cheapskates at Monsanto haven’t given me a penny!

Gosh. I put out a call to vote for Biofortified in a blog contest, and you guys all did your part and registered and voted honestly, and now what happens? I’m accused of fixing the competition.

This group has been putting out the following messsage on Twitter: “Vote for Biofortified in Ashoka Changemakers contest”.

A Monsanto PR operator has discreetly done the same and now the votes for Biofortified have suddenly exploded, more than doubling in a matter of hours in a completely unprecedented pattern.

Uh, I hate to say this, but the surge in votes is thanks to ME, not some obscure tweet on twitter, and I am not a “Monsanto PR operator”, nor is Biofortified a tool of Monsanto. And all I did is point people in the right direction.

Also, the pattern isn’t at all unprecedented. We see it all the time here on Pharyngula.