A reply from Seed

Since I posted that open letter to Seed, it’s only fair to post the reply I received the other day.

We’ve just signed off with Six Apart, the makers of Movable Type, to begin Phase I of our registration program. You won’t actually see too many changes with this phase – we’re essentially just cleaning up technical glitches within the system and making sure it’s performing properly.

Included in this phase are:

  • Commenter Authentication Fixes — meaning that you should be able to turn on Movable Type’s native registration option without commenting errors occurring
  • Load Balancer fixes
  • Server Analysis and Recommendations
  • Movable Type 4.3 Upgrade
  • Plugin Maintenance
  • Comment Enhancements for Sponsored Blogs — enabling us to offer sponsors special features they request for their blogs such as comment threading that our readers haven’t demonstrated as much interest in

Phase II will be where all the actual registration features come in, once we’ve got everything shipshape. [We] will be in touch about what will be involved from your end with implementing Phase I — probably at least an overnight posting freeze while we upgrade, as we’ve done in the past — when we have more details about when this will happen, but Six Apart should have resources available to us within the next two to three weeks.

So the good news is that they’re going straight to the pros at Six Apart to fix our problems; the bad news is that that means some more delays while we wait for the experts. Hang in there.