I haven’t even touched this poll yet!

Lately, all the polls people have been sending me are already going in the right direction — have I become superfluous? Are atheists everywhere already gleefully clicking buttons in polls without my prompting?

Oh, well, here’s another one. An ambitious priest gets assigned to Brighton, which he calls “the most Godless city in Britain”. He has declared that it is now his intention to transform the place into a sanctuary for unctuous old farts with their brains scrambled by nonsense (uh, those are my words, not his, if you couldn’t tell.) So the local newspaper ran a poll to see what people thought of that.

Is Reverend Archie Coates right to repeat the description of Brighton as “Godless”?

yes, and it’s good he intends to help change this:

no, it has its troubles but it is generally a good place:

being described as Godless is a compliment:

Those secularists in Britain are just having a good time giving Archie the raspberry, aren’t they?

One more quote from Rev Archie:

Rev Coates last night said: “Since I moved to Brighton six weeks ago I have realised that it is a lot more godly than I imagined. If you look around you see the creativity, the vibrancy and the life of the city.”

Twit. Those are symptoms of godlessness, not godliness.