Sedalia noticed

When we hit that poll at Sedalia the other day, the newspaper noticed — they actually have a news story on their poll being crashed.

Richard DeFord, The Sedalia Democrat interactive systems manager, said Saturday’s online paper had 25,118 page views, Sunday had 22,096 and as of 4:40 p.m. Monday had 70,939.

If views continue at the current rate, DeFord said, it will reach 90,406 before the night is done. DeFord said Monday’s views indicate the story is viral, or has  become popular in a short period of time.

Of those views, many originated from as far away as London, England; Sydney and Melbourne, Australia; Dublin, Ireland; Stockholm, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland; Oslo, Norway; and Auckland, New Zealand, DeFord reported.

Good work, you globe-spanning rascals. I think it’s immensely useful to let small town America know that one of the effects of the internet age is that the whole world can pay attention to you. No one gets to be provincial anymore.