AiG is angry with us for reporting what they claim

Ken Ham is spluttering in indignation. It’s wonderful. He’s really peeved at the ABC News report because it mentioned a detail that is thoroughly trivial, but he claims is wrong. The report describes how animals spread around the world after the Flood on floating islands of matted logs and plants.

We do have replicas of Darwin’s Finches in the exhibit on Natural Selection where we discuss genetics and speciation, not God’s will!!–and we do talk about floating log mats after the Flood, but certainly nothing about “mankind spread from continent by walking across the floating trunks of trees knocked down during the Biblical Flood.”

Now see, this is where all the pictures we took in the museum become a very useful resource. I just rummaged about, and there they are!

Here’s a text panel that talks about his imaginary “floating forest”, giant rafts on which plants and animals spread around the world.


Here’s his big map of the routes life took. One thing I can’t find a picture of, because it was a video that was playing, was this same sort of map, animated, with streams of log shaped objects swirling about in the ocean currents. It was there, believe me.


And then there’s this. It was a huge painting of one of his giant floating islands. I remember it vividly, because it contained the only image in the whole place of a cephalopod (the small blob on the far right).


This is precisely how Ham explains the dissemination of humanity after his Big-Ass Flood. Humans rode across the oceans on mats and clumps and lumps of floating debris that were churning about in the ocean currents.

PWNZ0RED, Ken Ham!

One more display from the museum: see, they were talking about log rafts.