Clock reset in progress

It is time for the first big challenge of the week: getting my circadian rhythms straightened around. It feels like about 11:30 in the evening, my biological time, but it’s actually 6:30am Lindau time. Today is actually tomorrow.

My strategy was actually planned. Yesterday was mostly travel through the night, and I got no sleep. I noticed as I was flying east and getting very, very tired that, as the sun came up at what was an unnatural time for me and started zapping my photoreceptors, I woke up very nicely…and then kept going through the agonizing day of missed flights and boring waits. Then last night (local time) I finally got to Lindau in time for some of the social events and just kept my brain going through the evening. I finally went to bed about 10:30 Lindau, and slept wonderfully.

I had set an alarm, but didn’t need it — again, the first rosy light of dawn comes in through my window, and I was up and feeling pretty good. I think I’ll take the next step in completing my adjustment to this 7 hour shift in time, and I suspect it’s one the circadian researchers haven’t contemplated (I shall have to ask Bora): a fine breakfast of German pastries. That should keep me going through the morning talks.

By the way, this is the Lindau Nobel conference, and the topic this year is chemistry. I am not a chemist, which means I may not have a clue what anyone is talking about. However, I’ve got one angle that may help: I am a microscopist. This morning, I’m looking forward to Neher talking about caged compounds — there’s also some juicy stuff on protein degradation and renewable energy. Later this week, of course, it’s Shimomura, Chalfie, and Tsien on bioluminescence, which is all grist for the microscopist mill. I might just come out of this with some new understanding.

Und Bier! Tonight I must find a good dunkel — last night the conference only provided a so-so bottled Pils. Then this evening I shall try to post some summaries of the day’s science while under the influence. It should be entertaining!


  1. Dann Walde says

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