Why do they hate the theory of relativity?

I know that most of the kooks can’t abide the theory of evolution, and I can understand their motives a little bit — it directly contradicts common beliefs about who they are. But why all the hatin’ on the Big Bang and on relativity (and on the other hand, why do the crazies love quanta so)? Here’s another example of a book that continues the refrain.

UNCOMMON KNOWLEDGE: New Science of GRAVITY, LIGHT, the Origin of LIFE, and the MIND of Man

This book builds on the works of Arp, Bauval, Childress, Collins, Cremo and Thompson, Dunn, Felix, Hancock, Hapgood, Joseph, LaViolette, McTaggart, Pye, Radin, Rux, Sheldrake, Sitchin, Van Flandern, Von Däniken, and others who question common knowledge

  • to develop a theory of nearly everything, without Relativity,

  • that explains what science, history, and religion have not.

Discover scientific evidence and new theory that:

  • The universe is not expanding from a Big Bang.

  • The Theory of Relativity is not valid; light is not a speed limit.

  • Define how the ether produces gravity and electromagnetism.

  • The ether consists of subatomic “spheritons” that travel faster than light.

  • Light-conducting spheritons are Dark Matter; Dark Energy does not exist.

  • Explain that life came to Earth from another known planet every 60 million years.

  • All 20 Egyptian pyramids had similar industrial functions.

  • The Sphinx and Great pyramid were built in 62,100 BC.

  • The water for Noah’s Flood in 10,800 BC is in plain sight.

  • Identify the origin of our biblical God and the science of Universal Intelligence.

  • Explain how spheritons store and transfer the memories of man and God.

  • Explain how spheritons may enable paranormal mental capabilities.

I don’t know all of the authors in his list of influences, but the ones I do are stark raving lunatics…but I wouldn’t need to know that to see from his list of phenomena that he fits into that category very well.


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