Proof That God Exists?

That’s the title of the site, anyway, Proof That God Exists. It ain’t.

It’s a dreary exercise in the fallacy of the excluded middle. You are lead through a series of binary choices, in which you are asked to choose one alternative or the other, with the goal of shunting you to the desired conclusion, which is, of course, that God exists. Building on a fallacy is bad enough, but even worse, it can’t even do that competently — it cheats. All of the options are designed to bounce you to only one line of reasoning, and if you don’t play the designer’s game, it gets all pissy at you and announces that you aren’t serious and you should go away. Some proof, eh?

The one argument it channels you into is this one: there must be an absolute source of absolute morality, therefore, God. Francis Collins would be quite happy with it, I’m sure. When I took it, I agreed that there is an absolute truth (because I believe reality exists), I believe in logic and mathematics, but then when it asked if there is an absolute morality, I had to say no. Morality is a derived property generated by the interactions of individuals; it is not imposed on us from above. And that’s where the site gets nasty.

It gives you two choices: “Molesting children for fun is absolutely morally wrong” and “Molesting children for fun could be right”. If you answer the former, it bounces you back to the question about whether absolute moral laws exist…therefore God. You don’t get to choose something like “Molesting children is damaging to our species and harmful to individuals, and I agree with the cultural proscription against it”. If you answer the latter, you get their surrender message.

You have denied that absolute moral laws exist but you appeal to them all the time. You say that rape IS wrong because you know that it IS wrong and not just against your personal preference. Unless you reconsider your stand on this matter, your road to this site’s proof that God exists ends here. It is my prayer that you come to understand how inconsistent and irrational this line of thinking is and return to seek the truth.

I don’t think they understand the concept of a proof, or logic for that matter.

It is rather interesting that this is the most common “proof” people are throwing at us lately, this idea that the existence of a common morality in human cultures is evidence for a supreme being. It’s a sign of how weak and pathetic their arguments have become.