What is it with creationists and the iPod Touch lately?


The fundies are very concerned, because they have rightly noticed that when their kids go off to college, they come back better educated…which often means they become more liberal and reject traditional religious beliefs. What to do? How about creating desperate online courses with ‘hip, edgy’ music and bad acting to tell teenagers not to do those things? You really have to see that caricature of a movie at that link: a family says goodbye to their sweet little girl going off to college; she comes back 9 months later pregnant, snotty, and ecologically conscious. The classes spout all these statistics about how many college students try drugs and experiment with sex…but somehow never get around to the counterbalancing facts of meth and alcohol abuse and teen pregnancy rates among high school dropouts.

They’re misleading on the statistics about drugs and disease and pregnancy — colleges are actually very healthy places — but they’re dead on with their complaints that college graduates are less enthusiastic, on average, about religion. The video above is wrong, though: it’s not because we actively proselytize for atheism, but because we teach them to think and to question, two activities that are anathema to dogma.

How annoying: the video was in the clear this morning, and shortly after I linked to it, they slapped on all kinds of privacy restrictions. Sorry.

It’s easy to summarize, though. Bad actor pretending to be a college professor lectures about how you need to be a godless humanist atheist to learn anything, then a giant iPod Touch falls out of the sky and crushes him to a bloody splatter. Cut to ad for their religious indoctrination seminars. You didn’t miss much but the egregiously violent elimination of a liberal atheist.