1. Ryan says

    Definitely one of the best Courage episodes ever, and definitely the most touching.

  2. Mariana Lynch says

    Ohmigosh! I love this show– “Courage the Cowardly Dog” was so great, I miss it almost as much as “Powerpuff Girls.” T^T

    Speaking of cephalopod weirdness, here’s VOCALOID Megurine Luka… as an octopus. :P

  3. dbpitt says

    Is it wrong that this makes me wonder how space squid populations got so low? I can tell inbreeding is going to be a problem. The population is probably too unstable to reliably continue its existence. So sad.

  4. Captain Kendrick says

    Ah, the 2nd Golden Age of cartoons…Courage, Dexter, Powerpuffs….CN almost had a revival going on, then it was quickly snuffed out by the Goliath known as Spongebob before it even started.

  5. Meno says

    This definitely caused massive nostalgia. Really, they don’t make cartoons like this anymore; now it’s child-friendly garbage or the monotonous anime movement. Thanks, PZ, this made my day.

  6. Seiber says

    Why did you have to repost this? I love Courage, but this episode makes me bawl every damn time.

    #21 – You seem to be assuming they reproduce sexually rather than asexually.

  7. pray11342 says

    Speaking of cartoons, I spotted this over at a few days ago.

    I thought for sure I would see it here by now.

    Over the Hedge is one of my favorite cartoons about animals.

  8. Titanis says

    “Speaking of cephalopod weirdness, here’s VOCALOID Megurine Luka… as an octopus. :P”
    Just call her Takoluka…

  9. says

    You know, I have seen this episode…
    It is not my favorite episode, I being a former (i.e., currently inactive) amateur astronomer, and I found the cosmology and astronomy to be very silly.