1. Captain Mike says

    Interesting, but it doesn’t give any insight into the problem facing every true scientist: the Powerpuff Girls vs. Superman debate.

  2. says

    The cuttlefish was trying to save its friend, the octopus, from the nasty mammal. However, the octopus, a very clever animal, already had a plan for dealing with the driver. (The plan involved bacon.) Consequently, the octopus is now plotting revenge on its “friend”. (This also involves bacon.)

  3. Desert Son says

    I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought, Ray. [/Spengler]

    No kings,


  4. Desert Son says

    Just realized I sorta bungled that quote. Egon was talking to Venkman, not Stantz in that scene.

    Terrified beyond the capacity to correctly remember lines from Ghostbusters as well, it would seem.

    Off to hunt for coffee.

    No kings,


  5. flaq says

    it’s pretty obvious that the octopus was using that c-wrench to open up the plug at the bottom of the ocean. The cuttlefish was merely acting in self-defense.

  6. SaraJ says

    I can’t help it… I felt a pang of pity for the poor octopus. But I am glad the cuttlefish had a delicious lunch.

  7. Chris Davis says

    I blame Original Sin. Before The Fall, those two would have browsed on seaweed together in mutual molluscan harmony.


  8. 'Tis Himself says

    There was the poor, innocent octupus, minding its own business, not bothering anyone, when suddenly a vicious, nefarious cuttlefish comes along and snuffs our hero. Remember, folks, whenever you’re investigating some piece of machinery to see if its edible, watch out for reprobate cuttlefish.

  9. schism says

    If a gazelle is drinking out of a pond, and a crocodile lunges out of the pond and immediately kills the gazelle, can you really say a fight occurred?

  10. Eidolon says

    Kinda reminds me of night dives where pointing out some animal with a flashlight seals it’s fate as dinner for some other creature.

    Gotta pay attention ALL the time. Get preoccupied with something neat and POW!

  11. blueelm says

    holy crud? How’d I get my name back? Do I have two typekey accounts!? I must have joined eons ago and then forgotten which email I used.

  12. Jason Thibeault says

    Holy freaking crap. It didn’t even stand a chance. That wasn’t a fight, it was ownage.

  13. Mena says

    Alas, still no evidence about the winner of a Wiwaxia corrugata vs. Olenoides serratus fight. Better get back to working on that time machine…

  14. Spyderkl says

    I see…not so much a “fight” as “teaming up with a diver to distract/obtain a lunch item”.

    #2: I think we all know who would win that one. Not even Superman is a match for three cute little girls with superpowers.

  15. go.electrons says

    Eidolon, That has happened to me too. There was a tarpon that followed us everywhere on our night dives at a certain location. The flashlight beam touches a tasty morsel and CHOMP! Gone. Nothing left but scales.

  16. Texas Reader says

    Testing 1,2,3!!
    I’ve always refused to comment anywhere where I had to register but this site is very important to me and if the registration cuts down on the wasted space from troll comments I’ll be happy.
    Oh, it’s great to take a Monday off from work!

  17. Kevin Hunter says

    That was not a fight. That was an ambush. Unfortunate that nature rarely works in a fair deathmatch style…

    Also, this new comment thing isn’t too horrible.

  18. HumanisticJones says

    That octopus was getting too close to revealing that the cephalopods have the ability to use tools. The cuttlefish did the only sensible thing and put the octopus down. Sacrifices must be made for the revolution.

  19. kev_s says

    The octopus had just worked out what cool things it could make with the wrench in order to impress its mate, but it forgot a very important rule, “Look behind you!!” … and ended up helping the cuttlefish have more babies instead.
    Actually the cuttlefish is pretty astute because it realised it couldn’t eat the octopus while it was holding the wrench, so it waited until the wrench was out of the way. Not so stupid.

  20. chgo_liz says

    Cue Cuttlefish with an appropriate and awesome epic poem retelling the brave saga in 3…2…1…

  21. AdamK says

    I’m a cuttle fan, so I’m delighted for my team.

    (Mainly I’m testing my typekey registration.)

  22. Verdelet says

    Heh! It reminded me of the submarine sequence in “Phantom Menace” where the Naboo sea creatures kept getting eaten by a bigger sea creature.

    “There’s always a bigger fish.”
    Qui-Gon Jinn

  23. says

    Pretty amazing to be able to witness a thing like that! BTW, I’m not a terrific fan of TypePad, so I hope this is at least a help to you.

  24. LRA says

    Octopi are so amazing! They are smart and curious. I understand that a cuttlefish has got to eat, but it’s still sad to see an octopus die.


  25. tsig says

    The squid was merely practicing it’s famous “attack from within” strategy. Last used by the South in the Civil War.

  26. Sonic Screwdriver says

    The horror! The HORROR! I just ran out of Girlscout cookies!

    Oh and cuttlefish are dicks. Octopi could take them in a fair fight. WE DEMAND A REMATCH! (A rematch in which, of course, our side definitively wins.)

  27. knobody says

    the octopus, in the aquarium, with the wrench…no, wait, professor plum, in the lab, with the cuttlefish.

  28. Helioprogenus says

    That’s impressive. The octopus was completely oblivious thanks to the distracting foreign object. Such is the cruelty of life. One minute, you’re palpating some strange object that you’ve never come across, trying to assess its relevance, then the next minute, you’re forced into the mouth of a cuttlefish. That’s a pretty large cuttlefish at that. I’m sure if the size ratio was reversed, the octopus would do the attacking. I salute you o great cuttlefish!

  29. MikeB says

    Man I hope he doesn’t choke on it! That was plain amazing. I thought sharks were nasty.

    I welcome our new cuttlefish overlords.

  30. Tiki Idyll says

    Not too surprising that the cuttlefish won. It’s the heavy artillery to the octopus’ footmen.

    PPG v. Superman, the PPG would kick some Kryptonian ass. Although the Sup’ probably wouldn’t fight back at all, considering he’s the ultimate all-American Boy Scout and wouldn’t hit (literal) girls.

  31. Charles says

    better question…if a person jumps into a pool with 4 polar bears who would win?

    When people clearly try to select themselves out of the gene pool by such inexplicable acts of foolishness I say we should just let them…

    I did laugh at this shit though…maybe I wouldn’t have if there wasn’t a “hedge and a fence to climb over before diving in…” Maybe she was going to discuss global warming with them…lol

  32. Brownian, OM says

    Remember, folks, whenever you’re investigating some piece of machinery to see if it’s edible, watch out for reprobate cuttlefish.

    Boy, I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times Grandma Brownian drilled that one into my head.

  33. Happy Tentacles says

    The Cuttle saw the Octopus showing far too much interest in evil mammalian technology and grabbed it before its innocent mind became contaminated by the works of these hairy-skinned land-dwelling inferior beings. It was all for the the good of the Cephalopod civilisation, tragic though it was to see those sad trailing tentacles . . .

  34. says

    I think the reaction of the diver was about as priceless.

    P.S. I only bothered to write this comment because I thought commenting was possible without signing into Typepad, and I was, unfortunately, wrong.

  35. Sili says

    I’m actually starting to get disappoined at the lack of references to oral and tentacle sex.

  36. Watchman says


    Now I know why my wife and kids are always leaving tools out in the yard!

  37. says

    Yes, the cousin Cuttlefish rescued the unsuspecting Octopus from the Human Diver. That’s why here in Atlantis we call the Cuttlefish the “St. Bernard of the Sea.”

    Well I do.

    Um, starting now.

    I think I still prefer

  38. Mu says

    What really surprised me was the cuttlefish “stealing” the octopus from the diver; the diver must be double or more the size of the cuttlefish, and it snatched it’s “pray” anyway.

  39. 'Tis Himself says

    TX CHL Instructor,

    I don’t believe any of us would disagree with that. What was your point?

  40. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    I will be back eventually.

    Great to hear!


    Cuttlefish wins the thread again.

  41. uncle frogy says

    My guess would be that the Cuttlefish came upon the Octopus being observed using a human tool by a human and being recorded took the course for security reasons, less the octopus could be captured and examined, of destroying it to maintain the secrets until the true Rulers of Planet Water declare themselves.

  42. Fernando says

    I hope the cuttlefish wins, to be catched by a fisherman!

    Because i like to eat them: on a grate, with onions, potatoes, and chopped parsley, acompanied by a good white wine.
    Delicious! ;)

    On the other hand, i hate octopus, because i cant eat them!
    They make me nauseas. :P

    PS: Sorry about that Professor Myers! :D

  43. Uncephalized says

    If octopods are our tentacled overlords, then cuttlefish are their shock troops, and we are all screwed.

  44. Indus The Science Kitten says

    Answer: it doesn’t matter because the sharks with the friggen lasers will show up once blood hits the water.

  45. WillB says

    @42 Wow. I think that may be one of the saddest things about religious thinking. A combination of faith turning off critical thinking and some chemical imbalance in the brain can lead to any horrible behavior imaginable.

    How do the families deal with him killing this innocent and himself?
    How does his mother deal with his rants against black women?

    If only: people would learn to think critically and
    we had a better understanding of mental illness
    this would never need to happen.

  46. Benny the Icepick says

    I love that you can see the cuttlefish the entire time – the little weed blinking/breathing in the background.

  47. Menyambal says

    RickD says:

    Sad to see that scientists have to ally with the cuttlefish to betray the poor octopi.

    What? A construction diver happened to film two wild animals. There were no scientists involved, there was no alliance and no betrayal of the octopus. What the hell are you on about? People here at this science blog seem to be pitying the octopus. Are you serious, RickD?

    I was first impressed by the octopus, and how he seemed to be intelligently investigating the wrench. Then I was impressed by the drifting bunch of seaweed turning into a cuttlefish–that was amazing camouflage–and jetting away with the octopus, faster than the diver could swim. Wow!

  48. dvrvm says

    hey, i just got an idea in evolutionary biology: 2 genes interact multiplicatively (i.e. the phenotype is lethal if both are on or off, the other two genotypes are viable). Is this enough for a speciation event?

  49. Kevin Hunter says

    That cuttlefish didn’t win. It was just transporting the octopus away from the humans before it gave away the secret location of Cthulu via super-secret monkey wrench communication skills.

  50. MTS says

    I’m so incredibly glad I’m at the top of the food chain, and live in a sheltered environment, and so am unlikely ever to be eaten alive.

  51. 'Tis Himself says

    super-secret monkey wrench communication skills.

    That isn’t a monkey wrench, it’s a crescent wrench. <pedant>

  52. says

    We need to study the fighting skills of Octopus. That Octopus was obviously distracted, and the diver was in cahoots with the Cuttlefish. So to make it fair we should not feed the Octopus for a few days, so it is good and hungry. Make sure it weighs approximately the same as the combatant. Then place the Giant Octopus in a large solid cage with that diver that distracted the small octopus. Thunder Aquarium, the rules are simple. Two animals enter, one Enteroctopus leaves.

  53. says

    What’s amazing is the entirely silent, visual threat escalation going on between these two highly communicative species. The cuttlefish’s flared attack pose induces nightmares – if I saw that thing drifting toward ME in a dark alley, the whitecoats’d have to scrape me off the asphalt from sheer terror. And the octupus turning suddenly seafloor-white and mottled was the quintessential visual equivalent of “OH SHI–“

  54. shonny says

    You pinch my adjustable spanner, and see what will happen to you!

    Crescent is a brand, not a type of wrench, mistakenly used as a generic name.
    A monkey wrench is also called an ‘Englishman’ because of the poor design (like so many tools designed by the English).
    The proper adjustable spanner that any mechanic could use without being laughed out of the workshop was the Swedish design
    And you don’t pinch other’s tools, in particular not the possessive squid’s ones!

  55. SAWells says

    I didn’t grasp until the fifth viewing that the cuttlefish didn’t come through the seaweed. That drifting lump of seaweed _is_ the cuttlefish right up until the Doom Tentacles erupt from within. I want a chainmail bathing suit.

  56. Jadehawk says

    that was not a fight, that was pure pwnage :-/

    Posted by: Cuttlefish, OM Author Profile Page | April 13, 2009 1:33 PM


    Cuttlefish wins the thread.

  57. Jadehawk says

    That isn’t a monkey wrench, it’s a crescent wrench.

    actually, it’s an ape wrench


  58. Fred the Hun says

    Awesome, but now I have to wonder how many times I have swum past some well camouflaged cephalopod in plain view.

  59. DLC says

    Clearly the cuttlefish was designed better than the octopus. See, it’s all about Design!
    Even if it’s impossible to prove the designer exists . . .
    Oh wait… if the cuttlefish was designed better than the octopus, does that mean that . . . GASP! the Designer is imperfect ? ? ?

  60. Free Knight says

    Clearly it was a sucker punch….. errr…. sucker strike…. errr sucker suck……

    The cuttlefish sucker sucked the suction cupped sucker?

  61. Nomad says

    A little late for this sentiment by now, but I just have to say it..


    I figured the octopus would be the winner. I don’t know much about cuttlefish, but for whatever reason I figured the octopus would be the victor.

    The snatch and grab move was not what I was expecting to see.

  62. Blue-eyed Videot says

    Excuse me for showing my Cuttlefishian ignorance, but I’m wondering just how the poor octopus was taken so fast. Rapid-acting paralytic venom in the cuttlefish’s bite? Crushed and/or smothered? Hash brownies? It didn’t appear to me that the octopus struggled at all. What gives?

  63. Lilly de Lure says

    Excuse me for showing my Cuttlefishian ignorance, but I’m wondering just how the poor octopus was taken so fast. Rapid-acting paralytic venom in the cuttlefish’s bite? Crushed and/or smothered? Hash brownies? It didn’t appear to me that the octopus struggled at all. What gives?

    I don’t think many cuttlefish species are venomous and I’m fairly sure I saw the octopus struggling a bit once it had been caught. I think it’s major problems were the fact that it had been taken totally by surprise and the fact that the cuttlefish was so much bigger and had strong enough tentacles to just clamp the poor little thing in place.

    Got to agree with other posters though – the diver’s reaction was priceless!

  64. says

    I’m eating filled cuttlefish, there’s tentacles inside. Now I know how it is made.

    This is no joke; I’m really eating it just now. Damn.

  65. longstreet says

    Today in Minnesota, Norm Coleman filed a lawsuit on behalf of the octopus, claiming that it was the clear winner in the dispute…

  66. says

    That doesn’t seem like much of a fight, unless you count “minor objection to being chewed alive” to be a form of “fighting”

  67. says

    I don’t think many cuttlefish species are venomous

    Actually, all cuttlefish are venomous, though, they aren’t venomous enough to threaten humans.

    That being said, from what I’ve heard, and gathered, being bitten by a cuttlefish is still an extremely unpleasant experience (especially since many of the larger species can easily bite through a wet suit)

  68. John Phillips, FCD says

    Cuttlefish, you told us things were getting hard but I don’t think any of us realised just how hard until we saw this video. Good move though, remind me never to let you get behind me.

  69. amphiox says

    Loved how the cuttlefish managed to float, camoflaged, virtually in the center of the frame the whole time without the human diver noticing it, until it struck.

    As for the unfortunate octopus, excessive fascination with chordate artifacts proved to be a maladaptive trait, it seems.

  70. says

    @#78: No, one also needs a mechanism to keep the two populations from interbreeding (Wallace effect). Otherwise, the smaller of the populations would just become extinct (due to having a bigger chance of mating with the wrong partners, thus having no offspring). This is simpler but similar to an idea by Dobzhansky (a gene whose product needs to be there in the correct quantity jumps from one chromosome to another).

    Concerning the cephs: It is all the other way around. The octo was proudly explaining his hypersonic spanner to the vertebrate, which is illegal (unevolved species must not be exposed to superior technology, since this interferes harmfully with their development). Therefore he was arrested by a police cuttle.