It’s Springtime for Molly on Pharyngula

I noticed that, in this recent thread asking why you were all here, that many of you said it was for the community and for the smart commenters here. Nobody said it was for my irresistible physical beauty and scintillating and delicate charm…in fact, I got the distinct impression I could drop dead and you’d all keep chatting away happily. Well, then, I guess it’s time to update the Molly awards, since you all love each other so much. <sniffle>

The people have spoken, and they have selected the lovely and diplomatic raconteur, Sven DeMilo, as the recipient of the Molly for the month of February. Kudos! Speech! No, never mind, sit down again. You’re old news now.

Now you have to look back to the past month and pick another worthy recipient for the month of March — simply leave a comment here saying who was your recent favorite, and why. Special note: I’m going to have to specifically exclude the recent outcasts from Survivor: Pharyngula! from eligibility, because I happen to know most of you are incorrigible smart-asses who would love to prank the voting with a certain name.


  1. prudence says

    Sure, the commentators are really smart and funny, but like Playboy, I read Pharyngula for the articles. And octopi pics. More octopi pics!

  2. Jadehawk says

    congrats to Sven!

    and I nominate Josh, for the awesome geology in the Watchmen thread

  3. says

    Huzzah!, Sven!

    As for this month, I’m prevented from renewing my regular nomination of negentropyeater because I haven’t actually seen any posts from neg recently. (Have I just been missing them?)

    Soooo… notwithstanding today’s date and PZ’s warning, I’m going to make a nomination that may seem like I’m pranking the thread… but I promise I’m not:

    I nominate Walton. Yes, he can be annoying and priggish, and many (if not most) of us disagree with him at a fundamental level. But he’s thoughtful and articulate and earnest (which can be a compliment as well as an insult), and he shows occasional signs of being educable, and (and this is the kicker) I think many of us do our best writing in response to him.

    I’ll probably chime in with a couple other names after I’ve thought about it (I could swear I promised last month that I’d nominate someone this month, but it’ll take some research to recall whom)… I just wanted to get that nom out there so y’all could start yelling at me as early as possible!


  4. John Phillips, FCD says

    Josh and/or AJ Milne. Hey, it’s their my fault I can’t choose between them.

  5. Evangelatheist says

    Janine, Insulting Sinner, Slut and other colorful monikers, is nominated for her excellent summary of Maggie the “I pick and choose what and when I pick and choose” cat-lick’s approach to interpreting the old testament:

    I think what you are supposed to do is puree the OT and strain it through Jesus. Afterward, toss out the pulp and enjoy the Jesusy goodness of the purified OT.

  6. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    Poor Sven, he tried his hardest to get banned, but gets honored instead. Just no justice in the world. TSK. (Congratulations anyway.)

    There are plenty of more than qualified candidates this month. I need to get home, look at my notes, and find my dodecahedral die.

  7. Desert Son says

    Congratulations, Sven DeMilo!

    One vote for Bill Dauphin: insightful commentator, patient, and good sense of humor (because if you can’t laugh about it all on occasion, you’ll just go crazy).

    No kings,


  8. Janine, Insulting Sinner says

    Nobody said it was for my irresistible physical beauty and scintillating and delicate charm…in fact, I got the distinct impression I could drop dead and you’d all keep chatting away happily.

    Don’t feel so bad, it was you who got us all together. Here is a toast to PZ.


    Are you sure Sven will accept the award? Is there a back up plan if he decline?

    I would nominate David, Owlmirror and Josh for their work in the epics Titanoboa and Science Of Watchmen. (Is it time t start work on the last part of the trilogy?) But two of them already have Mollies, so Josh it is.

  9. Augustus Foule says

    I nominate Ftk…

    what? you said only the recent outcasts are barred!

  10. nick nick bobick says

    AnthonyK deserves the Molly he has been begging for.

    He always makes me laugh, and often provides thoughtful comment. And his satire is good enough that some people don’t get it.

  11. Sastra says

    Congratulations to Sven!
    This month, I vote



    AJ Milne

    All are articulate, interesting, informative, and fun to read. (I also like the idea of nominating Walton — but will stick to these 3 for now.)

  12. Britomart says

    Josh for the Molly.

    He makes me wish I has not left Geology to marry and move to the wilds of Maine. What a long time ago that was. Not only is he good at the explanations he is so calm with these bozos. They aren’t listening but I sure am.

    Now I am an accountant. Mebbe I shall go back to school.

    Are there discounts anywhere for the over 60 crowd ?

    Thank you kindly

  13. BobbyEarle says

    WTG, Sven!

    I was thinking AnthonyK also, and Josh was very impressive as
    our resident rock hound. Boy, sometimes I hate this Molly
    business…there is just no way to not feel like I am snubbing
    someone when I vote. Oh, hell…

    I vote for Josh.

  14. CrypticLife says

    Congrats to Sven!

    I nominate catgirl, because for someone who’s not sure whether she really wants to associate with atheists, she’s really alright.

  15. SC, OM says

    Hey now! Congratulations, Sven!

    For this past month,

    Janine, _____, again
    Josh (whose work I haven’t seen enough of as he’s been posting on those epic threads, but what I’ve seen has been great)

    (I wish Bill Dauphin, mayhempix, AJ Milne, Carlie, and thalarctos would comment more. Thrilled to have Dr. MAJeff and Ichthyic back, though.)

  16. Sgt. Obvious says

    Congrats, Sven! It’s been a long time coming.

    My vote this time goes to Janine of many names. Anyone who can repeatedly deal with someone like Barb deserves the nod, and the ability to turn a Survivor thread into a running discussion of oral sex and lesbians only reinforces the talent.

  17. Pascalle says

    I remember a post from i think.. it was Janine.
    She got completely pissed off, warned that it was a rant, already apologised beforehand and was sure she would get banned.

    And than this rant came out that was just brilliant.

    Curse my memory.. I don’t remember which thread, i hope someone else does.

  18. SC, OM says

    Oh, and while I’m at it I’d also like to salute Jadehawk and Cath the Canberra Cook, whose comments I’ve also enjoyed.

  19. Ben in Texas says

    I nominate KnockGoats because he’s smart, informed, and tenacious as hell. (Okay, yeah, that describes most of the other nominees, too.)

  20. Feynmaniac says

    I vote for:

    Anthony K – Makes me laugh

    Kel – Should have gotten one by now already!

  21. says

    Hey Sven, this is a first for me: congrats on the Molly. I hope that doesn’t somehow taint it. Well deserved, for sure. Of course you need to win six of them to represent the hood in the manner which it deserves. But you knew that.

  22. Richard Harris says

    Nobody said it was for my irresistible physical beauty and scintillating and delicate charm…

    Hey PZ, I pointed out that the AHA elected you Humorist of the Year.

  23. Janine, Insulting Sinner says

    Pascalle, I do not think that was me. I have never said I might be banned for anything. But I did comment to a person who feared he would be banned for his rant. I told the person that if that rant was ban worthy, this would be a dead blog. And that if the banned trolls were a tenth as insightful, they never would have been banned. I wish I remembered who the person was.

  24. AdamK says

    I boggles the mind that certain commenters, like AJ Milne or Kel, remain unmollized. Janine? AnthonyK (no relation)? Bill Dauphin? Really.

    Maybe, to celebrate spring, there should be a mass orgiastic induction of a whole passel of fresh OMs, like a Moonie wedding.

    But if I only get one vote, it goes to Janine. (If I even get one.)

  25. SC, OM says

    Knockgoats already won one in his previous incarnation (but has certainly earned another since the change!).

  26. CJO says

    Nick has one in a previous incarnation.

    Congrats, Sven. Well deserved.

    I vote Josh. And, if such is possible, I would like to subtract a vote for Walton. Yes, he writes well enough, but his opinions are uniformly banal, he is tediously self-absorbed, and he just takes too long to say not very much.

    (I admire the spirit of nominating a frequent antagonist, but his output simply doesn’t warrant that kind of recognition.)

  27. Ichthyic says

    yay sven!

    I think several mollies have gone to encourage quality newcomers to stick around.

    In that vein, I nominate Josh. We need a another good geologist round these parts.

  28. Janine, Insulting Sinner says

    For those voting for KnockGoats, he already has a Mollie under his old moniker, Nick Gotts. Not saying he is not worthy.

  29. AdamK says

    There should be founded a new order of nobility above and beyond OM and Pharyngulord, just so it could be bestowed on Shastra.

  30. Pascalle says

    Thanks Janine :)
    I guess i will spend tomorrow morning looking for that comment.
    It pisses me off that i don’t remember the name, but i’m in europe so now it’s time to go to bed.

    On another note.. PZ, i think it’s clear how much we care about you when you read the responses when you totalled your car :)
    And about the looks.. sorry.. i’m just not a beard person ;)

  31. says

    Felicitations to Sven!

    I hadn’t checked on the “Science of Watchmen” thread until this afternoon, so I wasn’t familiar with the good work Josh has been doing. My votes go to Josh and AJ Milne, who is long overdue for Mollification.

  32. SC, OM says

    There should be founded a new order of nobility above and beyond OM and Pharyngulord, just so it could be bestowed on Shastra.

    Yes! Not only is she insightful and kind, but she’s also bubbly and refreshing on a hot summer’s day!

  33. eddie says

    Hey! Didn’t KnockGoats already get one before changing the handle? On that note, hasn’t negentropyeater changed his/her too; s’why we don’t see them around? Bet you can’t tell what the new handle is ¦¬|

    Anyhow, my vote is for AnthonyK, master of sarcasm.

    What I want is an Order of the Insulting Sinner.

  34. eddie says

    GaryB @44;

    Newfie or Janine, whomever comes first.

    And if newfie was a gentleman…

  35. says

    I still don’t recall who I promised a nom, but the thread so far has reminded me who I ought to nominate… so, to my previous nomination of Walton, let me add:

    Janine, Delirious Sinner (if she hasn’t used that one, she should)
    Desert Son

    BTW, to those of you stumping for KnockGoats… good instincts, but if I’m not mistaken, KG is ineligble due to having already been Mollified under another nickname. I’d support him for Tentacle Clusters, though.

  36. Wowbagger, OM says

    Congrats, Sven!

    For March there can be only one: Geology (amongst other things) Josh – scourge of the delugionists!

  37. 'Tis Himself says

    Josh gets my vote for explaining how the noachian flood couldn’t possibly have put fossil clams on top of Mt. Everest or laid limestone beds in Indiana.

    My second choice would be Janine of the many titles for her intelligent, witty remarks on just about anything.

  38. says

    PZ, we didn’t mention your excessive physical beauty or your cloyingly generous charm because we are so damned jealous!

    Now please excuse me while I cover all the mirrors in the house.

  39. JennyAnyDots says

    Lurk more than I post, but de-lurking to nominate this post from the Survivor competition, because it induced hysteria and choking:

    Posted by: heliobates | March 17, 2009 11:32 PM

    “She’s the Dolores Umbridge of Pharyngula.”

  40. Hank Bones says

    Congrats to Sven!

    My vote goes to AnthonyK. For something funny. Which currently slips my mind.

  41. speedwell says

    Janine, largely because I keep looking at her name wondering why I’m missing the OM that must be there somewhere, ya know.

  42. Danio says

    Three Cheers for Sven! Well deserved, whether he likes it or not :).

    For March, I nominate Janine. Her contributions are always spot-on and humorous, and her takedown of Barb was epic.

  43. John Morales says

    AnthonyK has my vote for this round, for the gentle reminders that sometimes we take things just a bit too seriously.

    Josh and Janine, sorry – could’ve been either of you – maybe next time!

  44. Marc Abian says

    And I nearly forgot Rev. BDC’s exquisitely worded response to the Shermer/Pure-dumb interview:

    That was like being bukakeed with stupid.

    Surely this is worthy of mollification.

    He didn’t come up with that. It’s from some maddox article

    I think Kel might be deserving by now.

    Actually, can we give it to Dawkins since he posted here a few times? Maybe not enough to actually earn a molly, but think of the prestige it’ll bring to the award.

  45. Rhysz says

    Grats Sven, from what I’ve seen, you’ve earned it twice over.


  46. Desert Son says

    From SC,OM post at #45:

    There should be founded a new order of nobility above and beyond OM and Pharyngulord, just so it could be bestowed on Shastra.

    Yes! Not only is she insightful and kind, but she’s also bubbly and refreshing on a hot summer’s day!

    Great Cthulhu’s Ghost! I don’t know what makes me feel older: the fact that I recognized the Shastra/Shasta connection, or the fact that I remember Shasta in the first place!

    “I want to pop! I want a Shasta!” – hmmmmmm . . . advertising campaigns are just ripe for double entendre, aren’t they?

    Older by the minute, and with no kings,


    P.S. Re: Sastra, I just assume she wins, in perpetuity, alongside those named to the OM for a given month, her posts consistently reaching new heights of clarity, intelligence, understanding, and other adjectives of praise too numerous to list (Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Post).

  47. clinteas says

    Josh and Janine,because I like alliterations.

    Also,Kel and Feynmaniac.

    And as I said on the other thread PZ,just here for the catholic chicks.

  48. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    Two names popped off my list for their insightful and well referenced work rebutting some stubborn creationists, Josh, our new geology department, and Iain Walker. And as usual, David Marjanović and Owlmirror have made their high level contributions to the cause.

  49. SimonC (not THAT Simon) says

    My vote has to go to Robert (better known as Desert Son), although a second vote would land in the hands of AnthonyK.

  50. Ben in Texas says

    Thanks, all, for clearing that up about KnockGoats. Didn’t know about the name switch.

    In that case, AnthonyK, because of the humor, especially that one remark that time on that thread. Remember that one? Hilarious.

  51. JohnnieCanuck says

    Could I have a link to Josh’s geology lesson(s)? I wanted to go back and reread them, but am not having much luck in my searches.

  52. flawedprefect says

    *penny drops* So THAT’S why you posted all those pictures of snails and octopi… it was to heighten your own sex appeal?

  53. Newfie says

    Newfie or Janine, whomever comes first.

    I’d likely win that race, just ask my wife.

  54. says

    HURRAH FOR SVEN! Well done! And well deserved.

    For March, I nominate Janine, for grace, poise, and because I can’t do more than suggest Calamari Clusters for Wowbagger.

    The MadPanda, FCD

  55. says

    Congrats Sven!

    Janine, because she is the only member of the Gruesome Trio without one

    This can’t be true. If true, this cannot stand. Molly for Janine!

  56. Akiko says

    Josh because Geologists get so little recognition for their slippery minds, fast talk and 4 dimensional imaginations.

  57. Newfie says

    Yes, well deserved, Sven.
    I cast my vote for Janine, or pagprawns nits or whatever it is that the strange acronym stands for.

  58. JDHuey says

    I’m so confused. PZ seems to be fishing for compliments on his physical appearance but I was under the impression that it was strictly verboten to voice an opinion about a science bloggers looks. We all know that PZ is devilishly handsome but to express that would be to objectify the Good Doctor in a totally demeaning way. We should treat PZ as if he were a disembodied spirit, communicating with us on a strictly spiritual and intellectual plane of existence. The ONLY purpose served by knowing what he looks like is so if we happen to be in the same pub as he, we will know who is paying for the drinks.

  59. IST says

    Josh for continually cogent posts on geology and evolution; Louis for sheer bloodymindedness in his linguisitic arguments on the use of certain offensive words beginning with the word c… while supporting a rather unpopular viewpoint.

  60. Aquaria says

    Why doesn’t Kel have a Molly yet? I think this is the second or third time that’s been my vote.

    I like Janine’s comments, too. When she goes on a tear, she’s awesome.

    AnthonyK will get my vote as soon as these two have them. He always makes me laugh.

  61. says

    My vote’s got to go to Josh this month.
    He’s been a paragon of patience over in the (ex) Science of Watchmen thread, doing extensive research above and beyond the call of duty. I declare him the Patron Saint of Unwelcome Education.

    AnthonyK gets a runner-up vote for being bloody funny on a number of occasions.

  62. Pharyngulette says

    Congrats, Sven DeM! A worthy winner.

    As for March, I have to re-nominate AnthonyK, like I did last time, for his humour and panache! I’d also go out on a limb and nominate (am I going to hate myself in the morning?) Walton because, as someone else pointed out upthread, he’s clearly bright and educable and it seems like we’ve got him thinking…

    And, PeeZed? I for one, think you’re dynamite – I’ve already mentioned my terminal case of sapiens-sexuality – but do try to keep the secret of my passion just between us and a few thousand of your closest friends.

  63. Nanu Nanu says

    Kel- He presents good arguments and seems very patient on the threads I catch him on.

  64. says

    I happen to know most of you are incorrigible smart-asses who would love to prank the voting with a certain name.

    (blinks innocently)

    Well, here are some of my favorite commenters of late, folks who are always worthy of a mention, even if they might’ve won an award of two previously…

    Janine, Insulting Sinner
    Hank Fox
    Nerd of Redhead

    Kristine Harley

    I love them all, even if none of them attended the most prestigious high school in North America.

    (more blinking)

  65. 2 cents says

    May a member of the audience vote?

    1. AnthonyK
    2. Josh
    3. Janine
    4. Robert
    5. Kel
    6. … Oh dear, you’re all so intelligent, funny, perceptive, quick-witted! How can I nominate just one?

    *stamps foot in frustration*

  66. chgo_liz says

    Janine, for post #1377 in the Science of Watchmen thread.

    And for nailing Barb, repeatedly.

  67. blueelm says

    I think it’s time for Kel. I like Kel because he actually tries to understand the other point when he disagrees provided it’s not a non-point.

    Thoughtful people. They are awesome.

  68. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    May a member of the audience vote?

    Yes, except banned trolls.

    Oh dear, you’re all so intelligent, funny, perceptive, quick-witted! How can I nominate just one?

    *stamps foot in frustration*

    Welcome to our world. I usually nominate two. PZ has counted multiple nominations from a single source.

  69. John Morales says

    2 cents, of course you can vote.

    We have a monthly award here on Pharyngula, in which commenters can nominate and vote for one of their own as the best and most interesting and most deserving of acknowledgment.

    If you vote, you’re commenting, hence you’re a commenter, and thus qualify.

  70. Rjaye says

    I really appreciate everyone’s comments on all of the threads because I am learning how to be more critical in my thinking from them.

    Congrats to Sven, and I would nominate Jeanette (put nom du jour here) and Sastra if they haven’t received an OM yet…

  71. Vorn says

    I’ve been trying to find this Watchmen Geology comment by Josh and I’ve had no luck. Could someone link it?

  72. Newfie says

    I am learning how to be more critical in my thinking from them.

    The critical thinker’s book is always being updated, and the old is discarded.
    The non-critical thinker’s book is always being re-interpreted, and never updated.

  73. ThirtyFiveUp says

    It has been said many times, and many ways, and it is forever true; we come for the posts and stay for the comments.

    Congratulations Sven Demilo.

    I nominate Bill Dauphin.

    Where is Etha Williams? She burned bright and then disappeared.

  74. SquidBrandon says

    Congrats to Sven! His comments are always delightful.

    I would like to submit my vote for the deliciously caustic Janine, Vile Bitch, et al.. Although, I certainly would like to give a nod to the excellent contributions of AnthonyK.

    Now, please stop being so damned entertaining to read. Kthnxbai.

  75. Carlie says

    Congrats, Sven!

    I’ll also go with Janine, because she’s been putting in some serious time battling back ignorance lately. Besides, her name is already here the most and I like to go along with the crowd. ;)

    (my hand slipped when I was trying to do the *joking* emoticon and I almost made this ;p which I think would be a dehydrated pirate. Or something.)

  76. eddie says

    Can I nominate Afarensis for an honourable molly? I just read “Chimps, Dogs or Ants”; a clinical dissection of UD’s Denyse O’Leary.
    Go. Read. Enjoy. Learn.

  77. heliobates says

    Oh, and if I were to win a Molly based on one comment, I’d totally give the award to Jack Lemmon.

  78. Alex Deam says

    I nominate Kel. When he’s making a point or an argument, he doesn’t go over the top or act arrogant or anything (not that I’m saying anyone in particular does), and they usually have good substance in them.

  79. Lana says

    Damn. I’ve been keeping a list by my office computer and writing down names when people make me laugh just for this occasion. But I’m at home now and don’t remember the names. Damn. I feel so incompetant. But I love you guys.

  80. Sven DiMilo, OM mani padme hum says

    The people have spoken, and they have selected the lovely and diplomatic raconteur, Sven DeMilo, as the recipient of the Molly for the month of February. Kudos! Speech! No, never mind, sit down again. You’re old news now.


    Well, uh, thank you.

    It’s DiMilo.

    This is something of a fix for me; I have previously espoused my devout Marxism ( tendance Groucho*), and I believe I am on record someplace as vowing not to serve if elected, etc.
    Part of me wants to pull a George C. Scott and say “no. thanks.”
    Part of me wants to pull a Marlon Brando and send a native American woman to accept on my behalf (but I don’t know Yellow Thunder Woman’s number).
    But, because of my affection and respect for some of those already on the OM list, I’ll say “thank you” for the recognition. If I don’t append the “OM,” it’s not because I don’t appreciate it.
    So now I’ll sit down again.

    *h/t ‘Tis Himself

  81. clinteas says

    Where is Etha Williams? She burned bright and then disappeared.

    Studying,going through phases like all of us,the most recent being classical music,if Im not mistaken.

  82. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    Studying,going through phases like all of us,the most recent being classical music,if Im not mistaken.

    That can be a real time burner with rehearsal and practice.

  83. says

    I nominate AJ Milne, for his longevity. I have nominated him a few times over the last year, but he never quite makes it.

    Also, you can’t Pooh-Pooh his last name.

  84. says

    I nominate AJ Milne, for his longevity. I have nominated him a few times over the last year, but he never quite makes it.

    Also, you can’t Pooh-Pooh his last name.

    That’s well said, but what sort of stats does this fellow have, besides longevity? Has ever gone on an Expotition to the North Pole, sighted a Heffalump or nearly captured a Woozle?

    (fondly pats old volume)

    Hmm. I seem to have come to an Enchanted Place. I think I shall remain there for a while.

  85. cactusren says

    While I always enjoy comments by Josh and Kel, I have to vote for Janine, as I’m constantly surprised by the fact that she has not previously won a Molly.

  86. Brownian says

    Geez, Sven, you forgot to thank God and your agent (or were you hurried because we started to cue the Oscar music?)

    But congratulations, anyway. It’s well-deserved.

    This month I vote for AJ Milne, because his comments are consistently excellent and he loves LA Story.

  87. Flamethorn says

    Nobody said it was for my irresistible physical beauty and scintillating and delicate charm

    We’re all afraid of your wife.

  88. Nominal Egg says

    Kwok the vote!

    (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

    Seriously, though, my vote has to go to Janine.
    How can she not have one already?

  89. Sven DiMilo, OM mani padme hum says

    It’s the “little people” I’d really like to thank.

    Elves, leprechauns, fairies, dykes. *wink* You know who you are.

  90. windy says

    This is something of a fix for me; I have previously espoused my devout Marxism ( tendance Groucho*), and I believe I am on record someplace as vowing not to serve if elected, etc.

    “some have greatness OM thrust upon them”: congrats!

  91. Patrick says

    I wanted to put in a vote for David Marjanović and Janine, but then I remembered DM has one already

    This means my vote goes exclusively to Janine, Variable Monicker.

  92. Patrick says

    Pascalle @25 and others:

    Since I have too much time on my hands (wait, what?) I’ve hunted down the poster who was worried about being banned: Cat of Many Faces. I’m not nominating h(im|er) for a single post, good rant though that may be.

  93. Michael X says

    If AJ Milne doesn’t get a Molly soon, I’ll drink a beer! Don’t make me do it dammit!

    Vote for AJ.

  94. birdie386sx says

    I would like to nominate the wonderful wonderful great entertainer, Mr. Ed McMahon.

  95. bastion of sass says

    Always such a hard choice. So many great candidates. But I vote for Josh. I’ve been so impressed by his contributions on the Science of Watchmen thread.

    And, congrats to Sven! Well deserved!

  96. Pascalle says

    @ 132

    Thanks Patrick! That’s indeed the one i meant.
    but you are right, the rant was good, i hope to see more in the future.

    So i nominate Janine :)

  97. Janine, Insulting Sinner says

    Cat Of Many Faces has been popping up here and there so perhaps the Cat will rant again. It was good.

  98. says

    *waves at SC* — thanks! :)

    I made a note a few days ago to remember to vote for Josh this time, for all the heavy lifting he’s been doing lately.

  99. AnthonyK says

    Josh, even though he’s a vile sedimentarian and limestone apologist. He is one of so many (damn you all!) but hie posts are rigorous, informative, and>/i> funny.
    Oh, and congrats to Sven

  100. shonny says

    Janine, Delirious Sinner (if she hasn’t used that one, she should)
    Janine, Hilarious Sinner?

    Or really, – any of the tomboys! No BAVs there!!

  101. CosmicTeapot says

    Congratulations Sven, it is well deserved and long overdue.

    My vote goes Josh for the Science of Watchman posts. Clear, indepth and informative.

    Also Janine, just for the musik links.

    I would vote for AnthonyK but he did get religion halfway through the Science of Watchman thread.

    I would also vote for Bill Dauphin, except for his preposterous suggestion for a Molly for Walton.

  102. says

    Bill – Thanks. I appreciate it.


    I would also vote for Bill Dauphin, except for his preposterous suggestion for a Molly for Walton.

    Am I that bad? :-(

    Since most people seem to be casting two votes, I’ll do so as well: (a) Leigh Williams and (b) Bill Dauphin.

  103. blueelm says

    I’d like to revise my vote to include Janine. I thought she had one already. So Kel or Janine would be my choice then.

  104. says

    Well, I’m gonna have to vote for Josh and Janine, on the basis that one of ’em is gonna beat me anyway, and I figure doing so will make me look good.

    … Oh, okay, also for Janine for tireless troll control and for good snark, same as last month, and for Josh for bringing substance and good humour. That too.

    But thanks to all who’ve voted for me–I’m starting to read these threads for ego boost, now. And Brian X, not to worry–I’m holding out for something like one of those ‘Lifetime achievement’ awards they hand out at the Oscars–you know the ones–the slightly lame ones you get posthomously or close enough to when you hang around forever and never quite garner the votes for a real award. (In this spirit, I will be changing my nick shortly to ‘Marty S’.) And SC, thanks, and I’d post more, but honestly, I’m probably pretty close to the limit (or past) as to the amount of time I should be spending here already. I do try (again, probably more than I should).

    Oh, and Logicel, thank you, tho’ I guess I should also mention I’m male (far as I know–vertebrate biology was never my strength, truth is). I’m not really insulted or anything, however–many of the best people I know are hers. Maybe a bit intrigued, insofar as, strangely, you’re not the first person to make this assumption. Presumably I should make more references to football or some other manly man sport or somethin’ when I comment. Anyway, again, thanks.

  105. Sven DiMilo (2 x i) says

    Votes for March:
    Josh, for comments geological so thorough that they include an appended section of references and notes.
    Bill Dauphin, because I always vote for Bill (because I always like his comments).
    Janine the vile and unrepentant, for long and distinguished service, and despite her misguided hatin’ on the Grateful Dead.
    AnthonyK for being pretty funny.
    as always, several others nearly equally deserving.

    -Sven “Old News” DiMilo, OM mani padme hum

  106. xebecs says

    I nominate Dr. P.Z. Myers for his irresistible physical beauty and scintillating and delicate charm.

  107. says

    I have nominated Luois recently…

    Can’t remember the exact post now, but it was one of the threads dealing with the pope.

  108. Fred Mounts says

    Janine for the Molly.

    Walton for the next Survivor banning. And Bill Dauphin as well, if he keeps this ‘Walton for a Molly’ crap up :oP

  109. says

    Walton for the next Survivor banning. And Bill Dauphin as well, if he keeps this ‘Walton for a Molly’ crap up :oP

    What the hell did I do wrong?

    Seriously. I know I shouldn’t take comments on the internet personally, but I really can’t help it. I can’t fathom how anyone could dislike me that much.

  110. says

    But, to add (to Fred Mounts) – I sincerely apologise for anything I’ve said which is considered worthy of banning. Honestly.

    I would be the first to admit that I have rather deficient social skills. I can’t always tell what effect my comments will have on other people. But I do care what other people think, and I’m not arrogant enough to think that the problem necessarily lies with them rather than with me. I realise I can be abrasive and insensitive at times. So I am sorry.

  111. Don't Panic says

    Bill Dauphin, because I always vote for him and someday he’s going to win so I can move on. I’m afraid I missed the whole geology lesson — and I don’t have time to go back and read it, sorry — so I’m probably slighting a worthy nominee. Lots of deserving regulars as well…

  112. bybelknap, FCD says

    Another vote for Janine, The Ignorant, Insulting, Sinning Slut for her Pithy Zingers.

  113. Leigh Williams says

    Bill Dauphin for his remarks about sex education.

    Though I can’t believe Janine hasn’t already won.

  114. Captain Mike says

    Bill Dauphin. Always insightful, and he’s one of the few men I know of (other than me) who is willing to stand up in public and say his daughter’s sex life is none of his business.

    I’m also surprised Janine doesn’t have a Molly yet, but I’m sticking with Bill.

    Oh, and Walton? You seem okay to me. Maybe you’ve posted a bunch of stuff that I haven’t read, though.

  115. says

    Blogs in the former time were easily noticed since there were fewer blogs available. Contrary to the present, blogs are now everywhere and you are able to get hold of one idea in just about every website found. Acquiring the top rank in the search engine was made easy at that time, but today the search engines are very crowded together with various blogs for only one certain subject.

  116. heliobates says


    Presumably I should make more references to football or some other manly man sport or somethin’ when I comment.

    Referee: “Insufficiently-aggressive hetero-normativity. Atheists. AJ Milne. Five yard penalty. Repeat 3rd down”

  117. says

    Don’t Panic:

    Bill Dauphin,

    Thanks for the vote…

    because I always vote for him and someday he’s going to win so I can move on.

    …and the loyalty, but I release you from any obligation, because…

    I’m afraid I missed the whole geology lesson

    …me, too, and therein lies the reason I will probably always be the Susan Lucci of Mollydom. I tend to get hooked on certain threads and miss others altogether. Thus, I missed Josh’s (apparently stellar) contributions to the Titanoboa thread (which I pretty much gave a complete pass) and the Science of The Watchmen thread (which I lost track of after the first several hundred comments).

    This probably also accounts for why SC thought she wasn’t hearing much from me, while at the same time I was afraid I was being obnoxiously longwinded in other threads. It’s getting to the point where reading Pharyngula at all is practically a full-time job; reading all of it is damn near impossible!

    PS: I didn’t mean to be exposing Walton to extra abuse by nominating him; FSM knows he earns enough on his own. If you re-read my original citation, you’ll see he’s not exactly busy wiping my lipstick off his butt… but of all the people we always disagree with around here, he’s one of the most articulate, and one of the very few who are generally willing to “fight fair.” I can’t speak for anyone else, but I treasure a thoughtful opponent, because only a challenging, thoughtful opponent really forces me to fully develop my own ideas, and my expression thereof.

  118. Sili says

    I’m pretty sure you’re on record as saying that the Mollys are for the posters; you only count the votes. As I recall it you specifically said you couldn’t stop us from electing a troll, should we so choose (or re-re-reëlect Cuttlefish).

    For shame.

    Congrats! to Sven of Milo!

    As for the past coupla months my first vote goes to Janine, slut, sinner and alround great pharyngulista. But it looks like I should try to find Josh’s posts.


    Carlie for her work on the misogyny thread. I still have a lot to learn, but I fully expect you people to make me a better human being.

    Ken Cope:

    An after life is what most of us sane people call “being dead” or “no longer living.” I expect I’ll be dead for almost exactly as long as the period of time when I wasn’t alive before I was born, for various values of infinity.


    I think you might be over-estimating the mentality of strong patriarchies, especially where it involves desert death cults such as Christbot, Jewtards, or Mushatts.

    These are polygamous, dirt scratching, patriarchal third rate civilizations where women are sometimes as important as livestock, depending on whether or not Yahoo or Allhoo is pissed off about the slaughter Du Jour.

  119. Sili says


    Something went wrong with the blockquote. That last paragraph is Scooter’s too. I can’t take credit.

  120. Fred Mounts says

    Bill Dauphin @171

    PS: I didn’t mean to be exposing Walton to extra abuse by nominating him; FSM knows he earns enough on his own.

    Just a bit of good-natured, gentle ribbing, my good man. And I need no extra incentive to rail against Walton’s seemingly deliberate obtuseness.

  121. Falyne, FCD says

    I was going to vote for Janine, the Fucking Awesome alone. Then I read that… entire… watchman… thread…

    *grabs brain bleach, scrubs*

    Anywho. So now I’m tossing in a second vote for Josh as well. He’s fucking awesome, too.

  122. CosmicTeapot says


    You are not that bad. As Bill said, you are articulate and educated.

    You are also willing to learn, and admit when you see anothers persons point of view has some validity.

    In fact, when my wife and I went to England in February and we were planning on going to Cambridge, I was going to suggest we meet up some time for a beer. However, our plans changed.

    The question is are you Molly worthy.

    And for me, the answer is no, not even when you told Simon to piss off in the God, Abortionist thread.

  123. Nanu Nanu says


    NO, KEL



  124. says

    CosmicTeapot @#177: Thanks for the clarification, and I apologise for jumping to the wrong conclusion. To be fair, I certainly wasn’t expecting to actually get a Molly, nor would I consider myself deserving of one.

  125. says

    strange gods before me, I will respond to your final post to me on the “God, abortionist” thread, as that thread is now closed and I see that you are reading this one.

    What do you get from Tory politicians? Lip service to laissez-faire principles while they stack the deck for entrenched industries at the behest of lobbyists. Doesn’t that offend you? And you’re afraid to say anything that might offend them? Get used to table scraps and a pat on the head if you’re willing to sleep in the doghouse.

    I do regularly say things which might offend the Tory establishment (and would, if I were a significant enough figure for it to actually matter, which I’m not). I am relatively pro-open-borders on immigration, for example, as I believe I’ve made clear on other threads. (Anti-immigration sentiment is a major characteristic of much of the rank-and-file political right in Britain.)

    But what I’m not willing to do is to pick a fight over abortion. Abortion is not and has never been a partisan issue in the UK. Votes in Parliament on abortion-related issues have usually been free votes (conscience-based rather than voting on party lines). I’m happy with that status quo. If I were an MP and the topic of imposing further restrictions on abortion were to arise, I would vote against it – but I would accept that some of my party colleagues would have different views.

    Abortion is the front line, and every time you bring this up I give you this link and you always ignore it. They’re working to undo everything Thatcher risked her career for, and you’re going to watch it happen without opening your mouth.

    No, I’m not. If a proposal is mooted in Parliament to repeal the Abortion Act 1967, I will certainly oppose it, and will do so vocally. But at present, there is no such proposal. (I believe there was a suggestion at one time to lower the cut-off point for abortions from 24 weeks to 22, or something like that, but I can’t remember how it turned out.) I repeat: I will not support the imposition of any further restrictions on abortion. If any such restriction is proposed at any time, I will oppose it publicly on my blog, will write letters to MPs and will do whatever else an ordinary citizen is empowered to do to oppose it. Is that good enough for you?

    You’re even contradicting yourself in your lie. If you didn’t have a culture war, then your religious conservatives would be of no use to your coalition. Their only issues are culture war issues.

    I think there’s a slight misconception here (which is my fault, from the way I phrased my previous post). Those British politicians who we in Britain might characterise as “religious conservatives” are very, very different creatures from the American religious right. They are much less influential, and they are much less desirous of shoving their beliefs down everyone else’s throats. They’re also, in general, less judgmental about other people’s sex lives. (Even to the point of cognitive dissonance. I know at least three practising Catholics who are in gay relationships. Go figure.)

    We do not have an equivalent to Jerry Falwell. Britain has no army of Southern Baptists ready to march and militate against any concessions to the godless and the gays. This simply is not a feature of British politics. But at the same time, there are a fair few people in the Tory Party – though most of them are fairly quiet about it – who are old-fashioned in their social attitudes, and a fair number of them are not keen on abortion. Would it really be productive for me to go out of my way to piss them off and make them angry? Would that make anything better?

    As I said, I support abortion rights. So do a lot of Tories, and if it comes to a vote (whether popular or parliamentary) I feel confident that the present situation will be maintained, whatever the party in power. There really is nothing to worry about on that front in Britain.

    That said: my comments about the culture war were, really, more apposite in the context of American politics. The fact is that libertarians in the US have been, for some decades, in an uneasy alliance with Falwellian religious conservatives. I don’t like it. The modern GOP is an embarrassment to educated conservatives everywhere. But, in the context of US politics – and, as I’ve said, I would quite like to live in the US some day – we have to put up with it.

    Having said that; one of the many things distinguishing US from British politics is the multiplicity of different elections. Were I a US citizen, I would often (though not always) vote for GOP candidates for the presidency and for Congress. But I would always support Democrats in elections for, say, school boards, or in judicial elections in those states which have them. Because while Republicans are (broadly) right on the economy, Democrats are (broadly) right on social issues.

    That said, you might consider that there’s more to these culture war issues than meets the eye, just like the fight about “women working outside the home!” was always more about economics than social tradition.

    I agree with you that one can’t always separate “economic issues” and “social/moral issues”; many social and moral issues have an economic dimension, and vice versa. Indeed, the artificial distinction is one of the things I dislike about US politics: why is it that if one wants the freedom to keep and spend one’s own money, or to choose one’s own health provider or one’s children’s school, one must vote Republican; but if one wants the freedom to marry who one wants, to control one’s own body or to be free from detention without trial, one must vote Democrat? Yet it’s inevitable – few people will ever defend freedom consistently. Rather, they’ll defend freedom when it suits their interests – so big business, for instance, will stand up for “economic freedom” issues (in some contexts) but couldn’t give a damn about “social freedom” issues.

    And so those of us who do consistently defend freedom must, in the context of US politics, make a choice – do we sacrifice economic freedom or do we sacrifice social freedom?

  126. Iris says

    I don´t usually comment here but I would like to vote for Josh.
    Our “delugionists” may not listen to him but I do, and I´m learning from his comments.

  127. David Marjanović, OM says

    Haven’t had time yet to read beyond comment 10. (WTF. I’m away for two days — 50 hours or something –, and about two new pages… I mean, full main pages, the ones with the “read on” links, are posted, along with, like, 2000 or 3000 comments. :.-(

    Keeping that in mind, here’s another vote for Josh.

    Also, comment 6 deserves some consideration.

    Now to plunge into the Guiyu thread… at least I’ve actually read the paper on that one…

  128. David Marjanović, OM says

    Forgot to close the parenthesis. That should be done after the smiley.

  129. Alan B says

    Josh for Molly because of his awesome geological knowledge and his ability to present it in an understandable form on the Watchman thread. Marks too for his unwavering patience in the face of total stupidity.

  130. Patricia, OM says

    Congrats to Sven!

    My vote goes to Janine, she’s always fun and full of snark.

  131. Patricia, OM says

    Hi Nerd!

    Yes, finally – I was about to go into withdrawal. The cootie was a rootkit infection Win32Rootkit TDSS, what ever that is. Also some mal-ware, spy-ware, and a real heavy duty sales promotion thing that redirected me every time I tried to go directly to any website.

    That ol’ cootie is gonna make one fine pot of gumbo, behbay!

  132. Patricia, OM says

    Thanks for the suggestion Clinteas, but I don’t know how to fix or change anything on the machine myself. The thing is a Windows computer as far as I can tell.

  133. Kseniya, OM says

    Sven, even if you didn’t want one, it’s about time. *hug*

    I vote for Josh this month for his being a tireless source and staunch defender of knowledge, for his unrelenting goodwill, and for his undying willingness to make geology puns even when under creationist fire.

    And once again, many fine candidates are left unmentioned. Molly is good, but Molly is strict. :-)

  134. Notagod says

    Voting for Josh.

    In the “Science of Watchmen” and “I have no idea what this thread is about anymore” threads for:
    – Great content with good references.
    – Good description of my favorite tree, bristlecone pine.
    – Showing zombie lovers what truth and honesty really are.
    – Persistence in squashing mythology with overwhelming facts.

    Also for comment #328 in “The heathen are raging again” thread.

    This is my first time voting as I am unable to read all the great comments but, can’t resist the bristlecones.

  135. CazFans says

    We would like to vote for Josh & Janine, + + + +. We would also like to propose as a complement to the Molly a ‘dishonor’ ie a way to nominate a whackaloon. It might be called the ‘wingnut.’ Wingnuts shouldn’t be an ‘order’, but a ‘mess’ or a ‘seizure’ or ‘flood’ or something else that one of those bright & witty OMs might come up with.

    We came up with this suggestion after reading some of the stuff Josh et al were responding to on several recent threads. It might also lead to the possibility of dungeon levels: common trolls and supremely ‘extinguished’ trolls.

  136. JeffreyD says

    I have not been around as much as I wish so have read only a few threads completely. With that in mind, Janine (fill in the blank) has my vote for Mollydom.

    Ciao y’all

  137. Owlmirror says

    Congrats Sven DiMilo, OM 1Josh, indeed, who is not just a badass geologist, but keeps his cool under astounding provocation from the trolls. Must be the military training…


    Originally typo’ed as “Seven DeMelon” I think we’re all glad for the small favors of computer editing…

  138. Jadehawk says

    Oh, and how about a honorable mention for the dynamic duo, God and Satan?

    ooh, I second that!

  139. Watchman says

    Second? Why not third, or fourth? After all, wouldn’t a nomination of God really be a nomination of the Holy Trinity? So, like, four nominations total, including Satan? Am I being too nit-picky, here?

  140. God says

    I keep telling you mortals, the “Holy Trinity” was a scam. Jesus was a patsy. There’s only Me, and Himself.

  141. Satan says

    I keep telling you mortals, the “Holy Trinity” was a scam. Jesus was a patsy.

    I seem to recall that it was “performance art”. You were so enthusiastic with Your: “Look! He’s in the wilderness! That’s Your cue! Now, go and tempt Your heart out!”

    Although I suppose that it amounts to the same thing in the end…

  142. Sven DiMilo says

    Since I have promised not to comment here after registration goes into effect tomorrow, I’d like to nominate and re-nominate the following commenters for the next few OMs:

    Bill Dauphin
    Ken Cope

    All are more deserving than some already on the list, IMO. e.g., me.
    So, a (perhaps temporary) adios. It’s been real surreal virtual. Or something.