1. says

    Off-topic, but felt I should post anyways!

    I’m fifteen and have Jehovah’s Witness parents– I’m down visiting my grandparents (out-of-state) for a few weeks.

    They have these really awesome friends (they’re married)– they’re obviously much older than me– that are very liberal. I’ve been hanging out with the couple a lot for the time I’ve been here.

    They helped me find a copy of “The Blind Watchmaker.” I am SO stoked to finally have a Dawkins book in my hand; I’ve seen countless interviews with him and have wanted some of his literature for a long time now. I thought about downloading it or “The God Delusion,” but it’s much nicer to have a physical copy. Yay!

    Plus I got some Harry Potter, lmao. I’ve never read those, either.

    Now just to sneak the stuff home successfully– I have some other “satanic” material I picked up as well. Hehehe.

    Just felt the need to share! Wish me luck!! :D

  2. Wayne Robinson says

    I knew that PZ! I just commented to prove I’m pedantic. I have read “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” and “The Making of the Fittest”, and I’m looking forward to hearing him in person.

  3. clinteas says

    Nah, it’s the fecking aussies that are the problem this morning.

    Well,this one is off to bed…

  4. Julia says

    Science does not equal atheism.

    Congratulations to Chris Mooney for leaving “Science” blogs and joining Zimmer, et al.

  5. Felix says

    it keeps amazing me that members of Congress can say such things without obfuscation. In Germany, I think someone like that would probably be out with the snap of a finger. The last time a party had a candidate with that mindset, they got around 1% of the vote (ironically, I think they were the German Republicans in Bavaria, the most religious conservative state we have).

  6. samson says

    HHMMMM.I tried to listen,but it asks for a zip code.Then denies us outta staters.I feel like a chick outside the He-man wimmin Haters club on the Little Rascals.

  7. says

    Samson, I give you permission to use my Zip Code. 55112. AM 950 puts that zip code requirement in because their advertisers are local. As the Minnesota Atheists pay for this show, the restriction is not applicable for our show. I am the director of the show, so if anybody gives you grief, tell ’em “Mike said it’s okay!”

    Also, the podcast will be available later this afternoon and you won’t have to worry about the stupid ads that the radio station puts in without reimbursing us for our time.

    (Was that in my “out loud” voice?)

  8. says

    I just looked up the zip code for the University at Morris.

    The canned podcast at the side was at least as interesting—Robert M. Price recounting some of the pre-Christian crucifixion and empty-tomb stories from Mesopotamia & the like.

    I want to thank everybody for their patience with my off-topic posts about Tony Lyons’ charity swim on Friday. He finished the swim, all 26.2 miles of it, and raised more than $7500 for the local orphans’ fund, including some donations that came in on the day.

  9. raven says

    I thought about downloading it or “The God Delusion,” but it’s much nicer to have a physical copy. Yay!

    Plus I got some Harry Potter, lmao. I’ve never read those, either.

    Good for you.
    Might try the public library if there is one near you. You can read the books without checking them out if that is a problem at home.

    Doesn’t sound like you are on the path to becoming a JW. They have a dropout rate of about 50% but a 50% recruitment rate as well.

    Don’t expect your parents to not find out. They will. Parents were young once too and know all the tricks. They went through the same experience of growing up. And clear your internet browser of “history”, watch out for autocomplete, or they will know every web page you read.

  10. raven says

    “The earth will end only when God declares its time to be over. Man will not destroy this earth. This earth will not be destroyed by a flood.”

    What member of Congress said that? Go here:

    That is partially true. Man won’t destroy the earth. It might end up an uninhabitable ball of rock with some prokaryotes hanging on until the supernova a few billion years distant. Unless our weapons get a few orders of magnitude stronger, always a possibility.

    In the OT, god promised to never destroy mankind again after his near complete genocide in the mythical flood. At the end of the NT, god is going to show up any day and destroy the earth and all mankind. These christofascist clowns know their religion like they know science or common sense, not very well.

  11. eddie says

    Hey Mynabyrd,
    You really got lucky dodging that false prophet harry potter. He is verily the anti- rincewind. Read Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books instead. I’d recommend you start with Equal Rites and Small Gods.
    The Potter books are only popular as parents buy them to keep kids in line.

  12. Wayne Robinson says

    The interview was about his latest book “Remarkable Creatures”. I thought the title sounded familiar. It turns out I have had it on order from Amazon for the last 2 weeks, and it’s supposed to be arriving towards the end of April (the joys of expedited international postage).