Cinematic cephalopod

A children’s movie titled Lost and Found is out; it features a little boy and a penguin. Bleh, you say, penguins are so trite…there is nothing compelling in that. However, there is a scene in which the two protagonists are rescued by a friendly cephalopod.


I must endorse this excellent attempt to beguile young children into trusting giant tentacled entities — it will serve us well when the Old Ones come.

(via Sarah Ditum)


  1. says

    HidariMak, I was thinking something like that after I read, “…beguile young children into trusting giant tentacled entities…” Eh… Japan.

  2. recovering catholic says

    Haven’t seen you here recently, Cuttlefish, was beginning to worry about you! (I just ordered one of your lovely tshirts…)

  3. Brownian says

    Cuttlefish has shirts?! Why am I sitting here in my ginch when I could be adorned in cephalopic metered rhymes?

  4. Joe says

    This was on TV in the UK over christmas, and it’s lovely – it’s based on a book by Irish children’s author Oliver Jeffers, who writes and illustrates truly delightful kids’ stories.

  5. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    Cuttlefish has shirts?!

    Just under the header picture right side is a link to CafePress. Shirts and coffee mugs with the Cuttlefish logo.

  6. Mark Borok says


    Why couldn’t it just be a movie about a boy and an octopus?

  7. maddogdelta says

    Remember, the cephalopod in the Harry Potter series is a friendly one. And it saved a kid’s life!

    Should we really be eating them?

  8. Brownian says

    Fuck, Brownian. had to google “ginch” and now…the mental image…ew

    Oh, it’s sure easy to complain Sven, but can you suggest any cephalopod-themed trouser manufacturers? I thought not.

    Hmm. Looks like the temperature’s dropping.

  9. the pro from dover says

    If cephalopods are so darn smart why would they rescue us beyond the obvious soylent green application? And as far as eating them; fried squid at the Denver Greek Fair every June mmmmm. (at the orthodox church just east of Leetsdale on Alameda.)

  10. says

    That’s a much more fair and balanced representation of our tentacled Overlords.
    I’m so sick of these liberals and their biased depictions of the Great Ones as slavering monsters.

  11. DarkSkye says

    Laugh. For man kind’s sake, laugh less the Elder Ones take notice… A very cute and affectionate cephalopod, though.

  12. Bobber says

    Who told you about the Old Ones? There’s no such thing, just keep going about you business…

    (IA it’s hard to type with tentacles, oh crap, stop typing lackey, backspace backspace, no that’s enter

  13. says

    I watched this over Christmas. It’s a lovely story and beautifully made. The animation is simply gorgeous.