1. Sauve says

    Anyone who hasn’t seen his live DVD should watch it.. he’s pretty good. Has some good acts wrt religion as well :D

    So Live 2007 I believe

  2. Atticus says

    Is this the same as the last youtube vid? The timing seems different – and not quite as good.

  3. oneManArmy says

    I’m with atticus. The previous version just him and a piano. Much better. This is still great but it drags in comparison. Still good but…

  4. says


    Earlier one was much better. The music on this one is too damned distracting, and the way he’s reciting it is harder to follow.

  5. Andyo says

    Interesting. While googling for a video a week or two ago, I came across this site, in which Minchin apparently says he’s gonna do exactly what he did here, and exactly for the same reasons. I’m now pretty sure that’s a real post. Is that a well known atheist site?

  6. Andyo says

    By the way, I’m pretty sure it’s the same performance, only better recording. In the “original”, there was also a music track (you could barely hear it, but Minchin references it in the blog comment I linked above too).

  7. says

    I think people are misremembering the previous video. It was frequently inaudible, and only rendered comprehensible by the fact it was accompanied by a video transcript.

  8. DexX says

    Can I just say that I liked Tim Minchin before he was cool?

    In fact, for several years my wife has expressed the desite to “have his babies”.

    He’s an extraordinarily talented Aussie comedian, singer, and pianist, though he has now (very sadly) relocated permanently to the UK.

    He’s still ours, though, damn it! He’s still an Aussie!


    So yeah… enjoy…